Steve Miller Band at Greek Theatre, Los Angeles, CA 8/21/2019

photos by David Khorsandi

Steve Miller Band Setlist Greek Theatre, Los Angeles, CA, USA 2019, 2019 Summer Tour

Journey Tour Photographer Steve Rose Gives An Inside Look Into Concert Photography

A few years ago, California Rock News was lucky enough to have awesome photographer Steve Rose contribute some photos for various all star jam events in and around Hollywood. Not only were his pictures wonderful, but they were delivered in an e-mail link before the sun came up after the show, which is an editor’s dream come true.

Steve’s excellent concert photos are of very unique and high quality that make them stand out. Seeing great pics of an event that just happened hours earlier is a huge bonus. The fact he’s an absolute pro really puts him over the top.

Steve’s photography and hard work paid off when he was noticed by Neal Schon, who brought him on as a tour photographer for Journey.

Steve is also the house photographer for The Shrine and Hollywood Palladium. We reached out to him to explain what in particular makes a good photographer successful. He shared a ton of information that every aspiring photographer can learn from.

Steve’s Story:

“My first 2 years as a concert photographer, I photographed 3 bands a week for 2 years. That’s over 150 shows a year – all unpaid.

When I got started, I tried to cover as many bands as I could. That meant bands or artists in all genres as well. Because shooting a rock show is a lot different than shooting a rap show. I learned this was the best way for me to prepare for all types of different shooting conditions.”

“If you’re doing this to hang out with your favorite bands and get paid, this is the wrong industry for you. You’ll need to put in a lot of work before you start making any money.”

“I think my success is directly related to my work ethic and the expectations that I have placed on myself. Usually I’m given the three songs to shoot like anyone else and instead of staying for the show, I will go home and begin editing. I have left a number of great shows so I could start working. I will edit immediately after a show and will not go to sleep until all the photos are edited and sent off to the appropriate party. That meant that some nights I would get anywhere from 2-4 hours of sleep before having to go to work in the morning. But because of that way of working, it led to me and my work to get noticed and eventually being hired by Neal Schon of Journey.”

Career Highlights

February 2015 – Cannibal Corpse – First show with a photo pass

August 2015 – Heart – The Hollywood Bowl! My fifth show as a photographer and I made it to the Bowl

August 2016 – Adele – I didn’t have an outlet for this show and wasn’t given a photo pass, but I brought my Leica point and shoot and took a photo that was published in a book by the Smithsonian.

December 2016 – Metallica – First time shooting this legendary band

February 2017 – Method Man and Redman – First show working for Goldenvoice and the first time I got paid to photograph a show

May 2017 – Dweezil Zappa – Dweezil used one of my photos from this show for his album cover.

June 2017 – Journey – This show at Dodger Stadium led me to getting hired as their tour photographer.

January 2018 – Marilyn Manson – Manson only allows one song and usually kicks the photographers out of the pit before that song is over. I had 3 minutes to get my work done. This was my first show for Live Nation.

June – October 2018 –Journey – I was out on my first tour!

December 2018 – Nine Inch Nails – NIN played 6 nights at the Palladium. I covered the first two for the Palladium and the last two for NIN.

June 2019 – Mastodon – I’ve covered Mastodon a few times before, but this was the first time I was doing it for Orange Amps.

There are times when I want to cover a show for an outlet and those are always free. I am fortunate to get a number of paid shows, but still do a lot for free. I try and photograph as many shows as possible. That’s what got me to where I am and I’ll always have that drive.

Earlier this year, I did a show at the Palladium to benefit those that were affected by the Malibu fires. It was called the Malibu Love Sesh and freatured Beck, St. Vincent, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Memorable shows

I’ve been fortunate to have a lot of great gigs in my four years as a concert photographer. Here are a few of some that stand out for me:

Metallica – Fonda Theater

Journey – Dodger Stadium, Madison Square Garden, The Forum

At the Drive-In – Shrine

Billie Eilish – Shrine

Slipknot – Glen Helen Amphitheater 

Marilyn Manson – Hollywood Palladium

Nine Inch Nails – Hollywood Palladium

Lenny Kravitz – Hollywood Palladium

Joe Bonamassa – Terrace Theater

Dave Matthews Band – Hollywood Bowl

Foo Fighters – Safeco Field


“It’s fantastic to work with a band like Journey. I’ve been able to have experiences that I wouldn’t normally be able to have and I’ve shot at a lot of great venues like Madison Square Garden, Wrigley Field, and Fenway Park. It’s also a lot of work and something that not everyone would be up to taking on. You need to find different photos each night so each so doesn’t look like the last. You’ll need to deal with a lot of sleepless nights because like I mentioned, I edit after the show and editing a 2 hour show is a lot different than editing 3 songs. For example, last year in Detroit we had a show at Tiger Stadium and the show ended at 1030. I was back at the hotel by 11 and edited till 3 in the morning. I was then up at 7 to be ready in the lobby by 8 for the 4 hour drive to Chicago for the show at Wrigley Field that night. It’s a very rewarding job that I’m very fortunate to have, but you need to be dedicated and locked in on getting the job done night in and night out.”

“K-Popular Photography”

A few weeks ago, Steve tweeted some pictures he took at The Forum that were getting thousands of retweets. Steve also has a huge instagram following.

“I was recently hired to cover the K-pop band, GOT7 at the Forum. I was unfamiliar with their music, but knew that this genre is really big right now and was up to the challenge. I was expected to get great photos of the band and each of the seven members, as well as venue photos and a stage shot at the end with the band at the end of the stage. It’s a lot of pressure to capture these moments for a client who expects the photos to be perfect and there is no room to make a mistake. You have one chance to nail the stage shot and if you don’t you won’t get hired again. Luckily, I was successful at getting these and the client and band loved what I was able to get. This band has a rabid fanbase and within a few hours of posting some select photos, my Twitter account was getting thousands of retweets and likes. Following this show, I was hired for another K-pop band a few weeks later at the same venue and I was also successful during that show as well.” 

Current Plans

“I’m always working on finding new clients and new outlets to shoot for. Because I’m exclusively a concert photographer and that is my sole source of income, I am constantly reaching out to bands or their managers trying to find opportunities to cover their shows or to be taken out on tour. I’m lucky to be the house photographer at the Hollywood Palladium and The Shrine, but that alone doesn’t pay the bills. Luckily, my reputation as a photographer and my professional relationship with my clients has afforded me a lot of great opportunities.

Jam Nights

Being able to photograph a few of the Jam Nights at Lucky Strike was great in helping me hone my craft and really figure out what I can do with the camera. I’ve been able to photograph Steve Vai, Tom Morello, Nuno Bettencourt, and Dave Ellefson. If you get the opportunity, do your best to turnaround your work as quick as possible so outlets can run coverage the following day and help showcase your work. 

DJs and Festivals

I don’t enjoy photographing DJs. They just stand there and there isn’t a lot of variety. I also don’t like covering festivals. The stage is usually pretty high which means most of your photos of the band are all from the waist up and they usually allow too many photographers and that can limit the availability to get unique photos because the pit is so crowded. 

Future Plans

At some point, I hope to have a gallery show and display my work for people to come and view and not just on their phone or computer. 

In this industry, anyone with a decent digital camera can be a “photographer,” so I need to find ways to set myself apart from everyone else in the pit.

Advice for other photographers

Being a concert photographer is a fun and rewarding job, but it requires discipline, respect, and professionalism to successfully capture unique perspectives and key moments of a show that really highlight the artist. 

That doesn’t just mean taking good photos. It also means you need to conduct yourself professionally when at a venue, with publicists or managers, and how timely you turnaround your work.

Remember, you are in the pit representing yourself and that outlet that you are covering for. Any questionable behavior – like shooting beyond the 3 allowed songs, will reflect poorly on you and your outlet and could possibly sever the relationship that the editor has with the publicist or manager. Also, learn to manage expectations. If you’re just getting started, be realistic in what bands you’ll expect to cover. Stay in the clubs and pay your dues and really develop an eye. You’re not going to cover Metallica or the Rolling Stones right out of the gate, but will eventually if your hard work pays off.




Robby Krieger, guitarist of the ‘60s rock band “The Doors” has released a new version of the 1959 instrumental classic “Sleepwalk”.

The new track features the haunting slide guitar Robby first made famous on The Doors’ 1967 song “Moonlight Drive” and more recently on his last single “Slide Home”. Also featured on “Sleepwalk” are Ed Roth (Annie Lennox) on keyboards, Phil Chen (Jeff Beck, Rod Stewart, Bob Marley) on bass and Ty Dennis (The Motels) on percussion.

“Sleepwalk” will soon be available on all streaming platforms including Spotify, Apple Music and Tidal.

Robby’s next release will be an archival release of his 1979 band “Red Shift”.

• Robby, who is most known for his work with The Doors, and writing their hits “Light My Fire”, “Love Me Two Times”, and “Touch Me”, is currently writing new music and also performing select live tour dates including a September 28th gig at the Whisky a Go Go.

For touring information, see

Roxanne and Interview with Jamie Brown The Canyon Club Montclair 8/9/2019

ROXANNE headlined The Canyon Club Montclair. Photos by Manny Dominguez FRP

Their show at the Agoura Canyon Club with George Lynch’s Lynch Mob was great, with some surprise guest appearances during the set.


Roxanne singer/ guitarist Jamie Brown took some time to discuss Roxanne, George Lynch, dUg Pinnick, Paul Gilbert, Racer X and the musical empire he built with The Boogie Knights. 

Roxanne was formed in Riverside, California in 1986 by vocalist Jamie Brown and bassist Joe Infante and are joined by guitarist John Butler and drummer Dave Landry.  By 1987, they had risen to the top of the heap in the LA music scene and landed a deal with Scotti Brothers Records.

Having released their debut album Roxanne in February 1988, the band had moderate success with the single “Cherry Bay” at AOR radio and simultaneously rose to number 63 on the Billboard singles charts with their cover of Wild Cherry’s “Play That Funky Music“, where they received the most attention on the radio. The album was filled with mainly party rockers, and highlights such as the ballads “Over You”, “Not The Same”, “Cherry Bay” and “Can’t Stop Thinking”.

In 1988, Roxanne appeared on The Late Show performing “Play That Funky Music” and “Cherry Bay” to a live studio audience.  Roxanne was also released in Japan as “Burning Through the Night” with a different cover and a slightly different track listing, including two songs unheard in the US: “Burning Through the Night” and “My Way”.

“Roxanne’s debut record was released in 1988. We had a lot of fun recording it. Geoff Workman produced it and had a lot to do with developing our ‘sound’ from that day forward.”

Krescendo Records re-released Roxanne‘s 1988 album in 2008 with a digital remastering.

The Boogie Knights

We played around town, Vegas and Phoenix as Roxanne for a couple years to pay our rent then we created The Boogie Knights and did our first gig at The Palomino Station on October 28, 1992, opening for Roxanne.

The Boogie Knights became a full time job by mid-1993.  Then I started Perfect World Entertainment and branched out with other acts/shows such as Metalshop, The M80s, The Spazmatics, etc.

Now 26 years later, PWE is stronger than ever in every major city across the US providing musicians a way to make a great living and still pursue original careers, if interested.”

Radio Silence

On October 26, 2018, Roxanne released their first album in 30 years, Radio Silence on Rat Pak Records.

Same 4 guys as the original release in 1988.  The new album “Radio Silence” took 3 years from the first day in the studio until release day…. it was three years and one day.”

The album was preceded by four music videos (for the songs, “Super Bad,” “Someone To Kill,” “Thin Blue Line” and “Go Fuck Yourself.”    GFY features guest appearances by KXM members George Lynch and dUg Pinnick of King’s X).

Roxanne Canyon Club Agoura Photos by David Khorsandi

George Lynch

“Having George Lynch on the album with us was very cool. George has always been John’s guitar hero and I was lucky enough to get hired to produce a few videos for KXM (George Lynch, Dug Pinnick, Ray Luzier). Meeting him for that job turned into a friendship and a bunch of other jobs and relationships, including the one with Ratpak records that led to the new Roxanne record deal.”

dUg Pinnick

dUg Pinnick has been my favorite vocalist since the release of Kings X first album “out of the silent planet” in 1987. I never thought I’d become friends with him much less work on music together.


“The video has a lot of 80s nostalgia in it (Girls, Cars, Guitars) but really the song is about my 1969 Camaro. I used all the car slang I could find that might contain a double entendre to make you think I’m talking about a girl.” -JB

“Go Fuck Yourself”

“This one was a lot of fun putting together. We had finished all the recording when I asked Dug if he’d like to sing on it. After he was done and I heard what a great job he did, I asked if I could redo my parts but we were out of time. The song is basically just a call to freedom. No, we are not anti- government anarchists, we are anti government overreach, pro-liberty Americans.”

Andrew Freeman

“It was very cool of Andrew Freeman to learn Dug Pinnick’s parts and join us onstage at The Canyon Club Agoura and Vamp’d in Vegas for GFY.  I wonder who will sing it at the next show?”

01. Someone To Kill
02. Girls Alright
03. Super Bad (ft: George Lynch)
04. Thin Blue Line
05. Broken Chandeliers
06. Man In The Moon (ft: Ray Luzier & dUg Pinnick)
07. Go Fuck Yourself (ft: George Lynch & dUg Pinnick)
08. Without Us
09. Quarter To Four
10. I Don’t Want to Live This Way
11. First Mistake
Jamie Brown – Vocals, Guitar
John Butler – Guitar
Joe Infante – Bass
Dave Landry – Drums

Friedman Amps

John and I recently got a couple Friedman Small Box 50s and we love them. It’s like stumbling on that perfect 50 watt Marshall in The Recycler, only brand new ready to go out of the box.

Paul Gilbert and Racer X

Paul and Roxanne have a long history.  Roxanne and Racer X used to do a lot of gigs together back in the late 80s and we have been friends ever since.  When we started recording the first Roxanne album, we didn’t have any good guitar amps, so Paul lent me his favorite Marshall.  The day we finished tracking, our manager Phillip Lamond took the amp home with him to St James Apartments in Hollywood and it got stolen out of his trunk.  So now I had to find $1000 to give him for the amp and I still didn’t have one for myself.

Didn’t you end up being the last Racer X singer in the 80s?

Brown did a couple shows with Racer X in the late 80s as the singer “around the time that Scott Travis (Racer X drummer) got offered the job in Judas Priest and that was the end of that.”


Girls Alright

The Making of Radio Silence

ROCK TO RECOVERY Benefit Concert for CALIFORNIA STRONG with Ray Parker, Jr. at The Canyon Club Agoura 8/4/2019

Rock The Recovery to Benefit California Strong

Rock The Recovery took place Aug 4th, 2019 at The Canyon Club in Agoura Hills to raise money for California Strong.

Rock The Recovery concert event hosted an evening of music and entertainment to benefit the non-profit organization, California Strong.

“Nothing brings people together quite like music. It has that unique power that unites us in a special way. This past year with the fires that devastated communities in California as well as our own tragedies in our hometown of Thousand Oaks at the Borderline Bar and Grill, a night of music is needed. Rock The Recovery is proud to partner with California Strong and is looking forward to a very successful event to raise money for our community”Ava Flora Friedman, Founder of Rock The Recovery 

“California Strong has raised more than $2 million dollars thus far and is dedicated to continue to raise funds and support disaster relief going forward. Money raised for Rock The Recovery will support California Strong so we can continue to serve with financial assistance when future disaster or tragedy strikes. As a community, we have learned the importance of giving back and know we need to stand ready to assist the moment critical funds are needed to help our neighbors.”Danielle Stone, Executive Director California Strong

About Rock The Recovery:  

Rock The Recovery was founded in 2019 in response to the Woolsey Fire and tragedy at the Borderline Bar and Grill by Ava Flora Friedman, an incoming senior at Westlake High School. Rock The Recovery is an organization dedicated to raising and distributing funds in support of the community during times of natural disaster or tragedy.

About California Strong:

California Strong was founded by professional baseball players Christian Yelich, Ryan Braun, Mike Moustakas, Rams quarterback Jared Goff, along with Mike Attanasio from the Milwaukee Brewers Ownership Group.

California Strong has raised more than $2 million dollars thus far, and is dedicated to continue to raise funds and support disaster relief going forward.

Aug 4th, 2019 at The Canyon Club in Agoura Hills

DW Factory Day 2019 with Brooks Wackerman, Jim Keltner, John Good, Don Lombardi Sponsored by Guitar Center Oxnard, CA 8/3/2019

Ian Anderson Celebrates 50 years of Jethro Tull at The Special Events Center at Fantasy Springs Resort Casino Friday, July 5, 2019

Photos by Manny Dominguez

Despite having some Rock and Roll outside The Fantasy Springs Resort Casino’s Arena as a another earthquake was making the ground move outdoors and Ian Anderson (Jethro Tull) making the indoors rock to his classic rock and flute style with a very exciting live show to watch! He rocked the stage like Mick Jagger and his guitarist Florian Opahle was on fire! A 2 hour set with the room at capacity showing that there are still plenty of Tull Fans that flock to see the band! Aqualung” was a favorite!


Ian Anderson Vocals,Flute,Guitar.

Florian Opahle Lead Guitar.

David Goodier Bass/Double Bass.

Scott Hammond Drums/Percussion.

John O’Hara Conductor and Keys.

Ian Anderson celebrates 50 years of Jethro Tull at The Special Events Center at Fantasy Springs Resort Casino Friday, July 5, 2019

Tour: Jethro Tull 50th Anniversary World Tour

Judas Priest at Microsoft Theater, Los Angeles, CA, USA Firepower Tour 6/27/2019

Photography by David Khorsandi

Judas Priest Setlist Microsoft Theater, Los Angeles, CA, USA 2019, Firepower

Santana FivePoint Amphitheatre Irvine Supernatural Now Tour 6/20/2019

photos by David Khorsandi
Santana Setlist FivePoint Amphitheatre, Irvine, CA, USA 2019, Supernatural Now

The Hollywood Vampires at Fantasy Springs Resort Casino, Indio, CA 5/18/2019

The Hollywood Vampires Wrapped Up Their Current Tour in Indio, CA
Photography and Recap by Manny Dominguez

The Hollywood Vampires

Alice Cooper Johnny Depp Joe Perry Chris Wyse Tommy Henriksen Glen Sobel Buck Johnson Fantasy Springs Resort Casino photos by Manny Dominguez Concert Photography /FRP

Hollywood Vampires Setlist Fantasy Springs Resort Casino, Indio, CA, USA 2019, Spring 2019 Tour

The Hollywood Vampires Wrapped Up Their Current Tour in Indio, CA
Photography by Manny Dominguez

The Hollywood Vampires

Alice Cooper Johnny Depp Joe Perry Chris Wyse Tommy Henriksen Glen Sobel Buck Johnson Fantasy Springs Resort Casino photos by Manny Dominguez Concert Photography /FRP

Hollywood Vampires Setlist Fantasy Springs Resort Casino, Indio, CA, USA 2019, Spring 2019 Tour

Indio, CA

Photography by Manny Dominguez

Hollywood Vampires. Fantasy Springs. 5/18/19

Manny’s recap from his first time seeing The Hollywood Vampires:

The Fantasy Springs Concert Resort venue was great to see a show for the first time. The capacity crowd came in with thousands of Rock and Roll enthusiasts of all ages!

I’ve been a follower of Alice Cooper (Alice Cooper Band) and Joe Perry (Aerosmith) since the early 70’s and never having seen Johnny Depp play or perform before outside his Pirates of the Caribbean movie roles, Johnny was quite the Rock Star! The Sound and Lighting was excellent throughout the show, which started about 8:15 pm on Saturday night. Opening the 18 song set was ” I Want It Now” and followed by songs the band did justice performing, including The Doors’ “Break on Through”, The Who’s “Baba O’Reilly”, and David Bowie’s “Heros” sung by Johnny Depp was fantastic! with a huge movie screen in the background showing classic images of The Thin White Duke David Bowie! Very well done! Joe Perry performed the Aerosmith classic “Sweet Emotion” that also rocked! The band couldn’t leave out some classic tunes from Alice’s history like “18” and the finale song of “Schools Out” with a touch of Pink Floyd’s “Another Brick in the Wall” incorporated into the song. “People Who Died: was excellent!

The Hollywood Vampires: Alice Cooper, Joe Perry, Johnny Depp, Glen Sobel, Chris Wyse and Tommy Henriksen.

Easy access to areas like bathrooms and the bar area. Ushers were very polite and helpful! Easy parking that was “Free” unless you went Valet, of course..

Hollywood Vampires. Fantasy Springs. 5/18/19

Jefferson Starship The Canyon Montclair 5/3/2019

photos by Manny Dominguez

Metal Allegiance Super Fix and Weapons of Anew 4/18/2019 Belasco Theater

Photos by Natalia Britt

Metal Allegiance


Weapons of Anew

The Belasco Theater

Sammy Hagar and The Circle with Michael Anthony Grand Sierra Resort Reno NV April 19th, 2019

Sammy Hagar

Photography by ‎@MrsShandaGolden of In the Vault with Shanda Golden

Sammy Hagar & The Circle Setlist Grand Sierra Resort, Reno, NV, USA, Space Between Tour 2019

APRIL 20, 2019

Concord Pavillion


Concord, CA

APR 22 2019

Warnors Theatre


Fresno, CA

APRIL 23, 2019

Rabobank Theatre


Bakersfield, CA

More Tour Dates:

MICHAEL SCHENKER FEST US Tour 2019 Kicked Off This Week at The Whisky A Go Go Pictures Night 2 of 3 4/16/2019

MICHAEL SCHENKER FEST US Tour 2019 Kicked Off This Week At The Whisky A Go Go – Night 2 Pictures 4/16/2019 Photos by David Khorsandi

MSG Singers Gary Barden, Graham Bonnet and Robin McAuley, as well as Doogie White of Schenker’s Temple of Rock

Chris Glen (bass)

Steve Mann (guitar/keys)

Bodo Schopf (drums)

Photos by David Khorsandi


US Tour Kicked Off On April 15th At The Whisky

Following the release of their successful first album Resurrection, MICHAEL SCHENKER FEST is currently recording their second album, co-produced by Michael Schenker & Michael Voss, which is tentatively scheduled to be released in August.

The news is bittersweet, as the band recently mourned the passing of beloved MSF drummer Ted McKenna.

Michael comments, “We are totally heartbroken to hear about Ted McKenna – our amazing drummer and dearest friend – passing away. It’s a massive shock and a huge loss to lose Ted so suddenly. He always had a smile on his face and was one of the most sincerely genuine people you could ever have the pleasure of meeting. One of the great rock drummers, he always played from the heart and his heart was music.  Rest in peace Ted, we will miss you.”The band also announced they will be welcoming back

Simon Philipps and Bodo Schopf – who each played drums in MSG – to the Michael Schenker Fest line-up.  Simon who played on the MSG debut album will return as the main drummer on the upcoming second album. Due to his schedule, he is unable to be the live drummer for the upcoming US tour. This role will be completed by Bodo Schopf, who played on Perfect Timing and Save Yourself. With the sudden passing of Ted McKenna, Bodo will be featured on the upcoming record, but in a smaller role, as he had the important job of preparing for the US tour.
Michael states,“We are very grateful to Bodo for being a team player and working out with Simon what needs to be done in order for us to continue as smooth as possible and also to Simon for helping us to make it all possible. Bodo is the perfect choice to continue as the permanent drummer for Michael Schenker Fest. It is a perfect balance between the musicians from the past. It includes everything as a family to continue Michael Schenker Fest.”Bodo comments, “I am very sorry that Ted had to leave us under these tragic circumstances, and I’m proud to rock for him and all the Michael Schenker fans. RIP Ted.”

MICHAEL SCHENKER FEST kicked off their US tour on April 15th at the Whisky A GO GO.  The trek will include performances in Vancouver, Chicago, and New York before concluding on May 18th in Austin. TX.

MICHAEL SCHENKER FEST North America remaining tour dates:
4/17/2019 Whisky A Go Go – West Hollywood, CA
4/19/2019 Palace of Fine Arts – San Francisco, CA
4/20/2019 Ace of Spades – Sacramento, CA 
4/21/2019 Revolution Hall – Portland, OR 
4/22/2019 Vogue Theatre – Vancouver, BC 
4/24/2019 The Palace (formerly Flames Central) – Calgary, AB CANADA
4/27/2019 Gothic Theatre – Englewood, CO 
4/28/2019 The Truman – Kansas City, MO
4/30/2019 Bourbon Hall – Louisville, KY
5/03/2019 The Pabst Theater – Milwaukee, WI
5/04/2019 Concord Music Hall – Chicago, IL
5/05/2019 Piere’s – Fort Wayne, IN
5/07/2019 Danforth Music Hall – Toronto, ON
5/09/2019 The Egg – Albany, NY
5/10/2019 The Palladium – Worcester, MA
5/11/2019 Irving Plaza – New York City, NY
5/12/2019 The Space at Westbury – Westbury, NY 
5/14/2019 Ram’s Head Live – Baltimore, MD
5/15/2019 The National – Richmond, VA
5/16/2019 Variety Playhouse – Atlanta, GA
5/18/2019 Empire Garage – Austin, TX 


More on Michael Schenker:

More on Resurrection:
“Take Me To The Church” (official video):

“Warrior” (official video): 

“Heart And Soul” (official lyric video): 

Sabroso Fest 2019 Offspring Pictures by Manny Dominguez

Shots of people being people and some concert shots from some of the artists that were on stage. The day was filled with a several 1000 Sabroso fans that came to drink,eat,and hear some great music! Beer vendors galore were sampling their brews! Taco Tents were set up to fill your appetite. Merchandise was sold to keep the memory alive for years to come. A Wrestling Ring was on the grounds, as The Lucha Libres put on a great show of flying aerobatics and grappler moves. Then you had great bands playing on the Big Stage all day until the Headliner of The Offspring came on that Sunday night! There was a Taco Eatting contest where the winner probably scarfed down about 140 Tacos! Over all a very good day! I enjoyed the Beer Tasting! The Food was great! Loved watching the Lucha Libre’s! Seeing the talented bands on stage! And most of all meeting and making new friends! The Fans were great and it was well controlled! Didn’t see any issues like fights or people being out of control. That’s very impressive! I was probably one of the oldest in attendance but felt right at home with a crowd much younger than me. Looking forward to next year!

The Canyon of Montclair Ribbon Cutting and Opening Ceremonies Monday 4/8/2019

The Canyon of Montclair Ribbon Cutting and Opening Ceremonies Monday 4/8/2019

City officials and dignitaries were on hand to celebrate the brand new 1300 person capacity state of the art venue located at Montclair Place in the Inland Empire

Multi-level seating and tables are located throughout the main floor with a large menu and two good size bars on each side of the stage.

The Canyon Montclair joins the growing family of Canyons located in Agoura, Santa Clarita and Pasadena, as well as The Saban Theater in Beverly Hills And Libbey Bowl In Ojai.

Report and pictures by Manny Dominguez

Vince Neil of Mötley Crüe performed at the brand New Canyon Club in Montclair last night, April 5th The Canyon Montclair

Photos by Manny Dominguez:

56490471_1231606620335177_5108322329633488896_n (1)


Glen Sobel Curated Soundcheck Live Van Halen Diver Down Lucky Strike February 2019

ACT II – 1st Set – Curated by Glen Sobel
VAN HALEN – Diver Down – Side 1
Drums – Glen Sobel – Alice Cooper, Hollywood Vampires
Bass – Jörgen Carlsson – Gov’t Mule
Bass – Joe Lester – Atomic Punks
Guitar – Pete Thorn – Chris Cornell, Don Henley
Guitar – Joe Augello – Robin Thicke, Backstreet Boys, Jennifer Hudson
Guitar – Emily Ruvidich – Killer Queens
Vocals – Eric Dover – Slash, Guns n Roses, Alice Cooper, Sextus
Keys – Steve Ferlazzo