Giving Tuesday is here to remind us to have compassion for those less fortunate, especially innocent children.

Today you can improve the world at large by giving a gift to a deserving child.
Children don’t build character and confidence by receiving awards for just showing up. They do so by working hard at something they care about, and  by seeing the results of that hard work. Ovation Music Fund provides scholarships to children whose passion is music, and who are working very hard to learn to play their instrument.

What they gain is far more than musical skill. The confidence and joy of learning to play an instrument touches every aspect of their life.  High school dropouts, after receiving our scholarship, have re-engaged in school and gone on to get scholarships to Universities.  Children with Autism or Aspergers dive deep into their music, displaying focus and mastery resulting in the admiration of fellow musicians, and friendships.  Kids from humble beginnings are band-mates with kids from prosperous areas, and their musical skill is a great equalizer. If you are very good at playing your instrument, incredible opportunities arise.
On this Giving Tuesday, you could help bring music and a better future to children throughout the USA with your donation to Ovation Music Fund, who provides scholarships to low income children who exhibit passion for learning, and commitment to disciplined practice and work.
Ovation Music Fund

The Ovation Music Fund 501(c)(3) – formerly known as the Rock School Scholarship Fund – works with community partners across the USA to help provide low income children under the age of 18 with a premiere music education experience. The children receive weekly private and/or group music lessons at one of our approved after-school music programs. Because music erases socio-economic differences, this experience connects kids from all different backgrounds. If you can play your instrument well, opportunities abound. Our program facilitates scholarships for all levels of skill, based on passion and financial need. Parents tell us that music school has completely transformed their child from being shy and awkward, to being confident, having good friends, learning that hard work (practicing) pays off, and improving academically. For kids with limited prospects, music education can change their entire future.