Day 2 started with sore feet and a quick tour of the Les Paul Big Sound Experience Truck.

Ray Luzier did an interview upstairs in the Vic Firth Booth
 and his new VIC FIRTH signature sticks, his music career, playing with David Lee Roth, being the original drummer for Army of Anyone, KoRn, Madame Mayhem, KXM, jam nights, tribute concerts, playing all 3 shows at Bash Fest (Hurry – A Celebration of Rush Music, Bonzo Bash, Randy Rhoads Remembered), being a drug-free musician and other cool stuff.

Dennis Chambers


Phil Anselmo with a mob of people waiting for autographs.  He’d go onto cause a lot of controversy later that day.

Phil Anselmo

Alastair Greene at the Hughes&Kettner booth

Mike Keneally

Spector basses

Doyle Dykes

Madame Mayhem

We interviewed Madame Mayhem later on in the day at the Samson Booth. She had also played at the Jam Night in Hollywood earlier in the week.

Day 2 ended with the Bonzo Bash: