RockOutLoud.Live, The Worlds First Online Virtual Music Lesson Platform, Designed by a Music Teacher for Music Teachers, Launches at NAMM After 3 Years in Stealth Mode 

The NAMM Show, Anaheim, California – RockOutLoud.Live, the world’s first and only US Patented Virtual Music Lesson Platform designed from the ground up exclusively by a music teacher for music teachers will be unveiled after nearly 3 years in Stealth Mode at The NAMM Show, April 13-15, 2023 in the BOOTH 5545: Innovation Section. RockOutLoud.Live, which is available for use and purchase NOW,is currently in use by over 4,700 Music Schools, Educators and Universities hosting over 40,000 Virtual Music Lessons per week in over 172 countries. 

RockOutloud.Live’s modified CODEC* streams in Full Duplex without adding compression or noise cancellation to the signal, thereby offering the highest definition audio with the lowest amount of latency (delay) possible. Whether it’s in DUET MODE for one-on-one teaching or CONCERT MODE for large groups of up to 34 students and guests, RockOutLoud.Live’s Virtual Music Lesson platform offers High-Definition Audio allowing the student and their coach to play ‘virtually’ at the same time with near zero latency and no audio dropouts for better learning engagement and lesson retention. Virtual Music Lessons can be used for remote learning, supplement an in-person lesson or a weekly lesson, and high-profile/celebrity educator sessions depending on the needs of the student(s). 

RockOutLoud.Live offers a wide range of additional features, including an annotations toolbar for educators to write out music and chords and display scales; the ability to upload your custom created music lessons (via PDF upload), directly into the Virtual Session; as well as Applause, Mute and Confetti features exclusive to CONCERT MODE, and much more. In addition, RockOutLoud.Live also includes a built-in library and access to over 15 terabytes of sheet music for the most popular instruments like guitar, piano, bass and drums that can be shared in real-time with the student who can then download existing or custom lesson PDF files directly to their computer, tablet, laptop or smartphone through their RockOutLoud.Live session. 

The switch to RockOutLoud.Live from any platform is simple and seamless. Your students do not sign up to use RockOutLoud.Live, they will never be asked for any personal information and ‘activation codes’ are not required, therefore student use and their identification remains completely anonymous. Simply send your students your personal link to the lesson, they type in their name and they are connected to you and your lesson session instantly.

Plus, RockOutLoud.Live is cheaper than a ZOOM subscription. RockOutLoud.Live is $9.95 per month for a single instrument instructor subscription ($4.04 per month cheaper than ZOOM) or $13.95 for a multi-instrument instructor subscription. No long term contracts. Cancel at any time. Unsure? Get a free 7-day trial now. Music schools and teachers can monetize RockOutLoud.Live, as it pays out a generous 30% commission for each subscription brought in by their affiliate link for the lifetime of the membership

RockOutLoud.Live offers all of paid subscribers LIVE tech support. RockOutLoud.Live’s Community of Support Heros have been using RockOutLoud.Live since its inception and will help troubleshoot your or your students’ issues in the very off chance any ever arise.

RockOutLoud.Live was invented and designed by guitarist extraordinaire Mike Grande; serial entrepreneur, music educator of 35-years, and the founder of 3 east coast music schools where he employs 36 music coaches who coach over 500 students across the 3 schools; The Staten Island School of Rock in New York City, (no association with the School of Rock franchise), RockOutLoud in Morganville, New Jersey, and The Music Box in Tampa, Florida. 

Mr. Grande is also the inventor of, a hybrid flashcard rapid learning aid for guitar teachers and students alike (Watch the CardChords demo video at:, and “Rock Out Loud Skill for Alexa” the virtual teaching assistant that continually motivates students to learn, practice and engage with their instrument through the 24/7/365 instant availability of diversified lessons they can explore between their formal sit-down teacher-led sessions. (Watch the “Rock Out Loud Skill for Alexa” demo video on at: