Years ago, Joe Bonamassa found what would become his “Best Strat;” a ’55 hardtail he calls “Bonnie.” After over a year of development, we’re excited to announce the release of our fourth pickup set designed in collaboration with Joe Bonamassa—the “Bonnie” Strat Pickup Set and Loaded Pickguard. 

Joe is an authority in all things guitar tone. And the limited-run Joe Bonamassa Signature “Bonnie” Strat Pickup Set was born from the heart and soul of one of his favorite guitars. They painstakingly recreate Joe’s ’55, featuring era-accurate cloth; pushback lead wires; black Forbon flatwork; Alnico IV rod magnets; and a uniform 5.96K rating. Only available in a very limited run of 550 sets and 100 loaded pickguards, they boast vintage-correct, perfectly aged plastic covers that replicate Joe’s originals and are all handmade in the Custom Shop in Santa Barbara, CA.Watch Joe explain the history behind the “Bonnie” and test out the new set next to his originals.