This Friday night, the Los Angeles Dodgers will celebrate a milestone by commemorating the iconic stadium’s role in rock & roll history.  50 years ago, The Beatles played their second to last public concert performance inside Dodger Stadium back in 1966.

The Beatles performed an 11 song set and barely escaped the venue through a series of snafus that nearly put the 4 lads in danger of being rushed upon by a screaming mob of fans.

Luckily by way of some quick thinking by stadium staff and security John, Paul, George and Ringo were transferred to another vehicle and carried off to safety.


On Friday ,The Dodgers are scheduled to play against the Chicago Cubs.  Prior to the game, The Fab Four Beatles Tribute Band will take the field to perform a recreation of the same set list performed 50 years ago.


Immediately following the game, a special fireworks show with programmed music by Breakfast With The Beatles Radio Host Chris Carter will fill the night sky above Chavez Ravine to close out the day….remembering when four young men from Liverpool England took the world by storm making one second to last stop in Los Angeles…and changed music forever.


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