by Sal Gomez

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On June 24th & 25th 2016 The El Rey theater in Los Angeles played home to a concert that celebrated the rich cultural rock & roll history that was born right here in our golden state. In the mid 1960’s two musical world’s collided when The Byrds melded their passion for Folk music with their new found love for the British sensation The Beatles to create what has been come to be known as “The California Sound” which really meant Southern California since a good many of these musical artists congregated in the lushness of Laurel Canyon.

And in that tried and true sense of community Rock Cellar Magazine created “The California Saga” concert, one in a recent series of special events to celebrate great pop/rock music and raise money for charity. Sponsored by The Get Together Foundation benefiting The Beauty Bus Foundation, Tree People, The Rescue Train, The Mr Holland’s Opus Foundation & Project Play the two night event was hosted by KCSN’s Jim Nelson featuring the aptly named band “The Tribe”…a who’s who of local and not so local multi-talented musicians with resume’s that would curl your toes.


Kevin Wachs


Marc Mann


Michael Stern


Carnie Wilson




Chris Price




The Honeys(Marilyn Wilson/Ginger Blake)


Jeff Alan Ross(Badfinger), Carnie Wilson(Wilson Phillips), Gary Griffin(Beach Boys), Marc Mann(ELO, Concert For George), Carly Smithson(American Idol, Cirque du Soleil’s Viva Elvis), The Strawberry Alarm Clock(Incense and Peppermints), Freebo(Bonnie Rait, Crosby, Stills & Nash), The Honeys(Shoot the Curl, He’s A Doll), Rosemary Butler(Linda Ronstadt, Jackson Brown, Carole King), Rob Bonfiglio(Musician/Producer: Wilson Phillips), Ken Stacey(Ambrosia, Michael Jackson’s This is It), Joe Puerta(Ambrosia), Burleigh Drummond(Ambrosia), Mark Lennon(Venice, Don Henley, Stevie Nicks), John Wicks(The Records), Kiki Ebsen(Al Jarreau, Boz Scaggs), Adam Daniel(Singer/Songwriter), Kevin Wachs(Publisher Rock Cellar Magazine, Pacific, The Get Together Foundation), AL. Keith(Dave Wakeling, Sugar Ray), Chad Watson(Freddy Fender, The Seeds), Dave Ortega(The Knickerbockers, The Surfing Safaris), Dave Pearlman(Dan Fogelberg, Bill Medley, REO Speedwagon), Gary Stockdale(The Brian Setzer Orchestra), Irene Loconto(Artist Management: CS&N, Jackson Brown), Jay Cohen(Captain Cardiac & The Coronaries, Pacific), John Day Crossen(Pacific, The Box Tops), John McNeely(Vocals: One More than Two), John Pratt(Singer/Songwriter), Lauri Reimer(Singer/Songwriter), Michael Stern(Musician/Record Producer), Nick Guzman(Vocalist/Guitarist), Peter Wagonhurst(Vocalist/Guitarist), Scotty Mitchell(Saxophone/Flute), Stephen J. Kalinich(Poet), Steve Postell(Dave Crosby, Pure Prairie League), Steve Goddard(Aerosmith, Little Feat, Don Felder), Tom Henderson(Pacific), Chris Price(Singer/Songwriter/Record Producer).



Steve Goddard/John Pratt/John McNeely


Strawberry Alarm Clock



Steve Postel


Lauri Reimer




Carly Smithson/Chad Watson/Marc Mann

Set List

California Sun

Miserlou/Surf/Car Medley

Byrds Medley

You Baby

I Can Hear Music

Mamas & Papas Medley

Rock & Roll Woman

People Are Strange



Incense & Peppermints

Carry On/Suite Judy Blue Eyes

Only Love Can Break Your Heart


I Feel The Earth Move

You’ve Got A Friend

Angel From Montgomery

Holdin’ On To Yesterday

Free Man in Paris

You’re No Good

One Of These Nights

Take It To The Limit

Running On Empty

Hotel California

I Love L.A.



The Tribe