Steve Ferlazzo opened his jam this weeks with a stellar cast of musicians that jammed for hours.   It saw the debut of the resident band and three solid sets of performances from some of the other top musicians on the scene, including Nuno Bettencourt, Orianthi, Sebastian Bach, Doug Aldrich, Rudy Sarzo, Brian Tichy and dozens of other great musicians.

With such a large talent pool of players, performers, and vocalists in the scene, there are infinite possibilities for one time dream line-ups and what could possibly become longtime collaborations resulting from future  SOUNDCHECK LIVE events.

Ferlazzo explained that part of the concept of and the name “SOUNDCHECK LIVE” comes from being on tour during sound check where there’s room to experiment, do different arrangements and songs that the band is not necessarily going to perform live onstage that night.  He stated:  “On a strict tour cycle, it’s a way to have fun and still serves the purpose… and, in this case, “The sound check IS the gig”. The show fosters an environment where musicians have a means to express themselves each week via very unique musical performances with an emphasis on diversity in the music. There they will have a core cast of characters appearing in the first act, who will get introduced and have plenty of time to play throughout the set. Whenever possible, it’s encouraged for participants to put their own spin on the songs and not feel the need to recreate what has already been done on a record, for a chance to take ownership of songs.

The aim is to have big productions and not be limited to certain set of instruments, where performers are offered the options of additional instrumentation not limited to guitar bass drums with horn and string sections and backup vocals.

Resident Band
✦Steve Ferlazzo (Avril Lavigne, DramaGods)
✦Glen Sobel (Alice Cooper)
✦Carl Restivo (Tom Morello, Satellite Party)
✦Steve Fekete (Avril Lavigne, Vertical Horizon)
✦Derek Frank (Shania Twain)

The group Ferlazzo picked out are a bunch of busy, world class players that could (and will) be going on tours at any given time, but are currently available to perform each week.   There are artists in reserve for when people need to hit the road or get called up for a project, etc.

The shows feature 3 “Acts”:

Act I – Meet the Cast: Standout artists join the resident band for a riveting first act – featuring fresh takes on top player picks
There will be a specific cast of players each week – a concentrated group that will have plenty of time to perform each night. Expect around 4 or 5 line ups during first act. The players will be rotated out and it will give them the opportunity to get to play the songs they want to play as a line up and to inspire them to present some unique performances with no real restrictions.

Act II – Guest Curated: A special headliner directed set of songs. Their favorites. Their players. Their way.
Act 2 is guest curated featuring an artist or artists who will MD (musically direct) their own set, which gives them a chance to show another side of them outside their respective genre, or via guilty pleasures. The cast of performers each week are Encouraged to bring any friends along — – whatever they want to play and whoever they want to play with, which allows for them to promote themselves and other performers.

Act III – All Together Now: Unrehearsed. Unexpected. Unforgettable
If anyone special should walk through the door unexpectedly, the format of the 3rd set allows for that person to get up and perform on the spot. So if someone walks in the door, they can find a way to get them onstage.

Guest Curator Nuno Bettencourt teamed up with Sebastian Bach for the second set.

The show also featured a Special Mini-Set by “Black Mongoose” (featuring former members of Whitesnake – very clever name), including the legendary Rudy Sarzo, current members of The Dead Daisies, Doug Aldrich and Brian Tichy, along with Francesco DiCosmo.

✦Steve Ferlazzo (Avril Lavigne, DramaGods)

✦Glen Sobel (Alice Cooper)

✦Carl Restivo (Tom Morello, Satellite Party)

✦Steve Fekete (Avril Lavigne, Vertical Horizon)

✦Derek Frank (Shania Twain)

Featured Guest Curator Nuno Bettencourt (Extreme / Rihanna) collboarting with Sebastian Bach.

A Mini-Set by “Black Mongoose”, featuring:
✦Doug Aldrich (Dead Daisies / Whitesnake)
✦Francesco DiCosmo (Thin Lizzy)
✦Rudy Sarzo (Ozzy Osbourne / Quiet Riot)
✦Brian Tichy Official (Bonzo Bash Founder / ex Foreigner Drummer)

An exclusive opening performance by Craig Gass
✦Orianthi (Michael Jackson / Alice Cooper)
✦Tommy Henriksen (Alice Cooper)
✦Ashes (Static-X / DevilDriver)
✦Jim McGorman (Gwen Stefani / Avril Lavigne / Rockstar House Band)
✦Nicole Kehl (Nick Jonas / Iggy Azalea / Rihanna)
✦Chris Reeve (Filter)
✦Ashley Dzerigian (Filter)
✦Special Guest DJ: Ace Von Johnson (Faster Pussycat)

✦Led by Mandy Faddis with David Miller & Erik Hughes

✦Eliza James (Burt Bacharach & Paul Anka)
✦Kaitlin Wolfberg (The Wild Honey Orchestra)
✦Jean-Paul Barjon (Kanye West)

✦Marty O’Brien (Lita Ford)
✦Tanya O’Callaghan Musician (Maynard James Keenan – David Grey)
✦Al Berry (Avril Lavigne, Lisa Marie Presley)
✦Marc Slutsky (Splender)
✦Brian London (Bruno Mars, Adam Lambert)
✦Randy Cooke (Dave Stewart, Ian Gillan)
✦Jennifer Oberle (Vertical Horizon, Kate Bush tribute)
✦Jake Michael Hayden (Dale Bozzio, Ryan Cabrera)
✦Lisa D. Foreman (Toddsplanet)