Steven Adler, original drummer of Guns N’Roses, celebrated his 50th birthday earlier this year by unveiling his art collection — a collaboration with publisher SceneFour to create “Rhythm-On-Canvas” pieces.

Drummers including Bill Ward, Rick Allen, Dave Lombardo, Terry Bozzio and Carl Palmer have also participated in similar collaborations, where the creative process utilizes different drumsticks to create light patterns. These patterns are then brought into a studio and translated to canvas.

Adler’s collection consists of artwork where each piece corresponds with songs he performed along with tracks on “Appetite For Destruction”.

The showcase was held at the clothing boutique/art gallery Forgotten Saints on Melrose Avenue.

Adler and SceneFour representatives held two separate showings to discuss his collection, what inspired it, and how it was created.

Upon arrival, there was a line in front of the store with many familiar faces, and once the reception started, the music from “Appetite For Destruction” was playing inside the boutique.

Steven talked about the collection, the creative process, and took time to take photos with everyone in attendance near the pieces they liked the most or with the ones they were purchasing.


“Rocket Queen” was the one that visually stood out the most. As explained by SceneFour, the circle in the middle of the canvas was the actual song and the big colorful splash to the right top of the circle was the chorus.

The actual “Welcome to the Jungle” piece was a combination of bright, natural and wild colors.

“Sweet Child O’Mine”, one of the biggest canvases in the room was a centrally located piece and proudly stood out due to its rich vibrant colors and symmetry.

Guests who purchased the artwork attended a private event held at the boutique later in the evening.

John 5 and Glenn Hughes were among the musicians who came out to support Steven, along with some of his long time friends, which included Pamela Manning, Patrick Stone, and Johnny Martin.

IMG_3428 IMG_3424

Surrounded by his wife, family friends, and colleagues, Steven looked happy, elated, and ready to rock, as he personally invited everyone in attendance to see the upcoming show his band are getting ready to play this summer.

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