INTERVIEW with PATRICK STONE of BUDDERSIDE Discussing The New Album, MOTORHEAD, Opening For STEEL PANTHER at The Roxy Next Monday and Upcoming Tour With LA GUNS

What is Budderside?

Budderside is another dimension. A place where reality and fantasy live together. A place where a life full of pain has created a realm, untouchable and beautiful. It’s the powerful side, inside ourselves, we always try to tap into. Our music helps us tap into it. The name Budderside was invented the same way the first song we ever wrote together was written. We got together for a jam, started recording and out poured, the now third single to our debut album, “Genocide”. In a frenzy, lyrics spat out, that when we listened back to them, rhymed the title of the track with the word “Budderside”. We all had a laugh. I think it was Rich that asked me, “what the hell is butter side?”, and I responded “that’s the name of the band!” We were a highly self-medicated group of guys. At any given time we were on more than one, if not all of the drugs circulating in Los Angeles. The Hollywood underground was mystical and alluring. Anything you could possibly want, was right there. If you couldn’t hack it, you didn’t belong. As we pondered the name together, it took on a greater meaning. We didn’t want to be like the rest of the bands.”unnamed (3)

Every band trying to up-and-out-do the other band with a greater name. “What’s in a name?”, We thought. The name kind of makes you laugh when you first hear it, right? But, to us, it’s our own thing. It’s family. It’s belief. It’s religion. It’s what a name represents that makes it special. Budderside stuck to us, it will stick to you too if you have an open mind and heart. Let the music in. Take a walk on the Budderside.”



I was first introduced to Motorhead, personally, through a drug dealer friend of mine. He had to drop off some stuff to the boys and he let me tag along. Usually drug deals seem sketchy. Delivering to Motörhead felt… right. Ha ha! They were rehearsing at a Starving Musicians storage facility on Santa Monica and Highland. I could feel all of their eyes on me as I walked in with my buddy. Motorhead probably didn’t trust everyone, but since I was with him, I was cool. They were playing so damn loud, it’s something I will never forget. Later, I began dealing myself. My girlfriend at one time was the kingpin and absolute Queen of the Hollywood speed underground. Together, we were the lords and wardens of the most out of control, criminal infested, rock star frequented, contraband trafficking, never sleeping, always partying, non-stop-music-writing and recording, drug-fueled mad house Hollywood has ever known. At any given time you could find a lineup of numerous rock stars and freaks alike. Todd Singerman always knew where to find the boys. Whether he was there to pick up Lem, or drop off Phil, he always stopped in to say hello. Todd would sit and listen to my songs and always told me I had something special. He told me my songs were “hits”.


One day, Phil Campbell received a phone call while at my house. He received news that his roadie from overseas wouldn’t be able to make the tour over here in the US. When he hung up the phone he looked upset and I asked him “what’s wrong?” He said “I don’t have a roadie for the tour.” I said “yes you do!” I held up his guitar and my tuner and smiled. He smiled, and that was it, I was his new guitar tech. We set out, together with the band, on the “Everything Louder Than Everything Else Tour”. That’s when the gang and I really became close. Lemmy encouraged me all along to be on stage, not behind it. When I finally got serious about the dream, Todd, Lemmy and Phil got behind me 100%. Todd, Lemmy and Phil encouraged UDR to check us out, Motörhead Music (the label) was born… and we’re the spearhead.”



We couldn’t be more excited to be playing at the Roxy Theater in Hollywood with Steel Panther. The guys are just super talented, great people. We have so much respect for what they do for rock ‘n’ roll. So much love for the movement that follows them, because we are a part of it. We’re fans! We love the show. We love to be there and to watch it. To be a part of it is just that much better. We’re so grateful. We’ve watched each other grow over the years. Atomic Punks, Metal Skool and other groups led up to Steel Panther… all of them inspirational. They’re all just such great players. Icing on the cake is, they’re all really great guys. I remember walking backstage at the House Of Blues and into their dressing room, as I had just walked off stage opening for them with my band at the time, Aces N Eights. I had spent the week, leading up to the gig, auditioning for Steven Adler of Guns N Roses. I had all but nailed the spot, yet there I found myself, in a dressing room with Steel Panther, Steven Adler, Chip Z’Nuff and Adler’s Appetite manager, Jamie Adler. Michael Starr and the guys had just finished watching my performance. As I walked in they all heckled the Adler guys about how I was a perfect fit. Later on, Michael dragged me out on stage with him, Chip and Steven to perform “Highway to Hell” and “Sweet Child of Mine“. In that moment my life changed, and in a lot of ways I feel I owe that to Michael and Steel Panther. Michael and I had a few minutes to ourselves backstage prior and really connected on a lot of levels, sobriety, one in particular. I love him. I love all of them.”

The show is going to be amazing. We’re doing a few things different this time and we’ve written a couple of new things. We’ve upgraded our guitar department since the last time we played with Steel Panther. If you’ve seen us before you’ll notice a huge difference. Whether or not it’s the first time you’ve seen us, we’re going to blow you away. Our debut album is like a diary of our lives. We had triumphs and struggles alike, along the way we wrote about them. We tried to capture the true essence and emotions surrounding circumstances through our music. Not only are there fast and slow songs, but some songs within themselves go from completely frantic, to the utterly serene. You never know when life is going to throw you a curve ball, so why should your music be any different?  Our debut album is unpredictable, just like us. We take a lot of risks and aren’t concerned with pleasing others. This album was written to save our lives. Now we play it to survive. It keeps us alive, still. It keeps our hopes up and our feet on the ground. It’s real, check it out.”



The album cover is sick and twisted, while the ideal of its character is rich with morality.  Agent Budderside, a time traveling, dimension jumping, slave to none, lover of all, warrior of truth, will soon become a story you can read and watch. Stay tuned to our Instagram page to find out more about her. She is pleasure. She is pain. She’s a survivor. She’s a badass. A lot of hard work went into that album cover and the artwork inside the CD booklet. Do yourself a favor and order it from Amazon to get the hard copy. Pages and pages of fantasy. From day to day, my favorite songs on the album differ. Today, I’m really in love with “Open Relationship” and “Pain”. They’re just up beat, kick you in the face, songs you can drink, fight, f@#k, or workout to. They just really pick you up and don’t let you down. Other songs lend themselves to deeper thinking while taking you on a musical journey.”

Let This One Breathe” tackles the uncomfortable issue of abortion. While the song can be understood in many different ways to many different people, those were the building blocks I stood on while writing the song. It was a very difficult time for my girlfriend and I. We were very young and very scared. Everything seemed so uncertain. One thing is for sure, all of those questions still remain unanswered. The song takes a deep look into the possibilities of what could be and the consequences of what we’ve done. “My Religion“, on the other hand takes a sweet skip into some serious funk, all the while laying down the lessons of our lifetime. It tells a story, your story, my story, his story, it’s all the same. We’re all here for a reason, life is the answer. We all need forgiveness. Videos are one of my favorite things about being in a band. I was so mesmerized by MTV growing up. Today, technology gives us more tools to do way more cool things than ever before.”

Our first video, “Pain” turned out a lot like a Victoria’s Secret commercial. It’s just surreal with all the pretty girls and millions of feathers flying all over the place. Pure fantasy… and we are right there in the middle of it sharing our music with you. Guys can’t stop watching it, girls can’t stop dreaming of being in it, everyone taps their foot along.

Open Relationship” brings the band to the surface of Mars. I personally am a sci-fi geek! When our director, Erik Bishop, who directed “Pain“, as well, pitched us the idea for this video, we freaked out. We were so excited. That excitement has lasted all the way through the green screen shoots to today. Every time I watch the video I’m in awe. It’s literally out of this world.

Our newest video for the track “Genocide” will be released, the same day as our show at the Roxy, March 13th, 2017. The guys at BUNTMETALL and our label, UDR, dragged me through the mud of the Wacken Festival, into “The Wasteland” and up in a cage. Immersed in a post apocalyptic world, the story unfolds. We are so very thankful to all that helped us put this video together. It’s very original. Some great footage from our performance there, as well. There’s nothing like 80,000 heavy metal fans in one place at one time. There’s nothing else like it anywhere in the world. The video captures that and takes a journey deep into “The Wasteland“. You really have to see it to believe it.”


Touring This Summer With LA GUNS

Budderside will hit the road this summer with LA GUNS! A full blown American Tour. At least 40 cities, so far. We are all huge fans of the band and couldn’t be more excited to be sharing the stage with them. Seeing Phil Lewis and Tracii Guns together again is truly magical and no rock ‘n’ roll fan anywhere should miss the show.”

Hall of Heavy Metal History

Budderside played at the first annual “Hall Of Heavy Metal History” to kick off NAMM this year. We were thrilled to be asked to play. To honor Lemmy, Dio and Randy Rhoads, along with many others was an experience of a lifetime. To be surrounded by rock ‘n’ roll royalty in every direction was breathtaking. Watching Frankie Banali and Rudy Sarzo getting the recognition from their peers they so rightfully deserve was very special. This is the community that changed the lives of every head banger on the planet. It’s not just WHAT rock ‘n’ roll is all about, it’s WHO rock ‘n’ roll is all about… and why. Wendy Dio is the silver lining of every event, and it ain’t rock n roll without Eddie Trunk. This event had it all. It’s CEO, Pat Gesualdo is a Pioneer and Rock N Rolls’ True Patriot.”

There is really way too much to tell in one interview about all the amazing things unfolding for us. We really hope you will become a part of Budderside. Get the album, follow us on all social media platforms, come see us live… we’re waiting for you.