Dave Koltai, known in the music industry as the sound designer for Pigtronix and Supro, now steps out from behind the scenes with his debut album, ‘Daughter of Mercury.’Teaming up with Living Colour’s Doug Wimbish and Will Calhoun, Dave Koltai has created an album to entertain both guitar enthusiasts and rock n’ roll music lovers. Living Colour’s rhythm section brings a visceral, crackling energy to the project, wrapping their signature heavy funk around Koltai’s alt-rock psychedelia.

Guest guitarist Vernon Reid (Living Colour) appears on Koltai’s enviro-punk single, ‘Red Tide’ delivering a hook-laden barrage of sonic indulgence. Vernon’s angular lead guitar lines heighten the sense of paranoia and inevitable destruction, building to an explosive ending, befitting the song’s theme. Listen to ‘Red Tide’ feat. Vernon ReidThe second single from ‘Daughter of Mercury’ is ‘Moving Train’ mixed by legendary engineer, Chris Lord-Alge.Listen to ‘Moving Train’ mixed by CLA
Co-produced with Grammy-winning engineer Jimmy T. Meslin (Dream Theater), Daughter of Mercury is a musical tour-de-force that revels in the genre-bending attitude of the early 90’s Lollapalooza bands. The album’s lyrics, co-written with lead vocalist, Monique Teichert, tell a revealing and personal story of loss and rebirth.‘Daughter of Mercury’ will be available via all streaming platforms on May 26th, 2023.

Website: www.koltaimusic.com

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Red Tide (feat. Vernon Reid)
Moving Train
Daughter of Mercury
I Will Wait
Chase You
Toe’n The Line
Valentine Minor
My Soul
Watch the Music Video for ‘Red Tide’