PHILADELPHIA, PA – March —, 2023— What if someone curated a special group of artists to create a special dual event…one where a small audience of people (45 or less) gets to experience an amazing performance while being filmed as a show for an upcoming streaming series? Many people are done with the whole mega-concert experience–beginning with the tickets!  Enter Deko Entertainment. Deko decided that there might be a fun, and much less stressful way to experience talented artists performing live.  It would be really…Up Close and Personal. And that’s what it’s called. So far, it’s been great.  You can take it from the people that were at the inaugural events that featured Kasim Sulton (Utopia, Todd Rundgren, Meat Loaf, etc.) and Tiffany!

Thank you so much for doing this!!!!! This was one of the best shows I’ve ever been to and one of the best nights of my life. I’m a longtime fan and follower of Tiffany’s and it was wonderful getting to hang out with her like this. Please have her back again!!

Chuck (Tiffany–Up Close and Personal)
Thank you for hosting the event and it was refreshingly surprising to receive this thank-you email from Deko.  I have been going to shows for almost 5 decades and it does not take many fingers to count how many times personal thank-yous have been received.
Rick (Kasim Sulton–Up Close and Personal)

For this special series, Deko Entertainment has teamed up with another Jersey business Factory Records:  Events will be in the Lounge and will be MC’d by comedian Frankie Hudak.  We have a jam packed schedule coming up over the next couple of months.

Carmine Appice – March 26, 2023, This coming Sunday at 3:00 PM!
His resume includes Vanilla Fudge; Cactus; Rod Stuart; and Beck, Bogart, and Appice.  He is one of the most recognizable musicians in the world.  Appice has stories about the industry and the people he knows. There is no better person to tell you these stories than Appice himself.  He is an industry treasure for sure, and if you get up close and personal with him, he is going to leave you with an evening to remember.  Here is Appice’s artist page on the Deko website:

Randy Jackson – April 7, 2023, 8:00 PM
The amazing creative force behind the band Zebra, Jackson, is gifting us a very special evening.  His musicianship, along with his amazing vocal range, makes this a can’t-miss event for Up Close and Personal fans.  Some of the most memorable songs from Jackson’s long, musical legacy translate extremely well into the smaller environment at Factory Records, so this is going to be awesome!  Here is a taste of Jackson live with Zebra

Joe Bouchard – April15, 2023, 8:00 PM
Bouchard is truly a legend.  As one of the original members of Blue Öyster Cult, he can take us on an amazing musical journey through story and song.  Songs we all know from his past are part of our culture, and he has so many critically acclaimed solo tunes.   It’s hard to imagine how he will decide what to play, but come find out!  Here is Bouchard’s artist page on the Deko website:

Dave Bickler – May 6, 2023, 8:00 PM 
Bickler will always be identified as the amazing voice of the song “Eye of the Tiger.” Bickler also has been involved in some recognizable commercials, like the award-winning Real Men of Genius beer campaign.  This is the multi-talented Bickler: .  As a special bonus, Bickler is bringing some of the best musicians around to perform with him, including Deko partner Charlie Calv. Get a ticket quick.  This event will be memorable to anyone who attends. 

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