The NAMM Show, Anaheim, California – CardChords, a highly innovative learning tool that helps both guitar teachers and new guitarists demonstrate, learn and memorize guitar chords quickly and easily, will launch at The NAMM Show, April 13-15, 2023, BOOTH 4744: Innovation Section.
CardChords is a rapid learning aid for guitar teachers and students alike. CardChords are hybrid guitar chord finger placement flashcards that when applied directly to a guitar fretboard during the learning process will increase the speed in which a new student learns chord finger placement through visual acuity.
Extremely easy to use, CardChords fit snugly between the first 3 frets of any acoustic or electric guitar. The three fret slots and a perforated tab secures the CardChord to the guitar neck preventing it from shifting, falling off or obstructing the strings while in use. Not only does the new guitar student quickly learn finger placement while strumming, the chord notes fully ring out without string buzz or muting permitting the student to hear the full clarity of the chord. CardChords sets consist of 15 cards representing both open and bar chords.
CardChords was invented and designed by guitarist extraordinaire Mike Grande, who has been teaching for nearly 35-years. Mr. Grande is a serial entrepreneur, music educator, and the founder of 3 east coast music schools; The Staten Island School of Rock in New York City, (no association with the School of Rock franchise), in Morganville, New Jersey, and The Music Box in Tampa, Florida.
CardChords was developed in response to Mr. Grande’s business downturn during the Covid-19 pandemic restrictions as a means of acquiring new students and keeping his new and existing students engaged in their lesson programs. CardChords quickly found a cult following through word of mouth among friends and family of Grande’s students. Seeing an opportunity, Mr. Grande packaged CardChords and began successfully selling them through his schools and online.
Mr. Grande is proud to present CardChords at NAMM in three variations:
● The Universal Edition Set that will work on any electric solid body, acoustic or electric/acoustic
guitar. CardChords are NOT compatible with Nylon String Guitars.
● The Stratocaster Edition Set that will work on Fender and copy Stratocasters, as well as
Ibanez, Guild and Yamaha guitars.
● The Les Paul Edition Set that works with Gibson Les Paul, Epiphone and Gretsch guitars.
Manufactured in the USA from 100% inert toxin-free and tear and stain-resistant hybrid plasticized paper card stock, CardChords is attractively packaged in a graphically enhanced silent salesman box for a quick impulse purchase.
In addition, CardChords may be ordered as customized branded sets by guitar manufacturers, musical instrument and products distributors, and music schools for inclusion in entry-level guitar packages and/or as promotional incentive items respectively.
Suggested List: $24.97 to $32.77 depending upon model.
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