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Established in June of 1998, Mr Musichead Gallery was the first institution in Los Angeles devoted exclusively to the art and visual history of music. Featuring many of Rock’s most renown and celebrated photographers capturing the genres images with verve and style.

Veteran shutterbug, Chris Cuffaro, brought his portfolio of early Janes Addiction (circa 1989-91) for a three day exhibition capturing the iconic L.A. group in all their ragged glory.

In my conversation with Chris I learned he shot his first band at the ripe old age of ten! Growing up in northern California he began shooting for fun and that evolved into a lucrative career spanning over fifty years. During that impressive run he also racked up numerous album covers and publicity shots with such lofty and diverse acts as Red Hot Chili Peppers, Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Henry Rollins, George Harrison, George Michael, and INXS’s Michael Hutchence

Early on he earned the trust and respect of the artists by spending thousands of dollars on plane fares and hotel rooms following his dream. This curated display is an homage to the unique symbiosis that exists between photographer and subject.

Original bassist for Jane’s Addiction, Eric Avery, was in attendance this evening and is rumored to rejoin the original line-up of Jane’s for their upcoming “Spirits on Fire Tour” at Madison Square Garden and right here at the Hollywood Bowl on Saturday Nov. 19th.

Another aspect to this engagement was the dropping of NFT or Non Fungible Tokens available for purchase. A non-fungible token is a record on a blockchain which is associated with a particular digital or physical asset. The ownership of an NFT is recorded in the blockchain, and can be transferred by the owner, allowing NFTs to be sold and traded. This emerging medium is gaining in popularity although regarded as having




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All in all a festive, enjoyable evening of visual stimuli and interesting conversation with Chris’s close friends and the movers and shakers in the rock/art community. This showing will run from Sept 15th to Oct 1st. For further details check

On Thursday night, veteran photographer/ director Chris Cuffaro launched his Greatest Hits: Jane’s Addiction, an exclusive three-day exhibit of one of rock’s most legendary and influential bands at its incendiary peak.

Opening Night kicked off Thursday, September 15th at 7pm for VIP Industry and Media, with General Admission at 8pm to 10pm.

Cuffaro’s original photography took center stage at Musichead Gallery (7420 Sunset Blvd.) while DJ Fred Sablan kept the beats pumping throughout each night.

NFT Opening Night will take place Friday, September 16 (7:30pm-10pm), with Cuffaro dropping NFTs and collab NFTs alongside artist Chris Arvan and catering to the NFT community and attendees who could not make the Thursday night opening.

On Saturday, September 17, the third day of the exhibit will feature an afternoon ‘Artist Talk’ speaking event at 1pm, followed by musical performances by the band Bexley and surprise guests.

“Way back in 1989, I went to Santa Barbara to see the band Mary’s Danish do a show on the UCSB campus, where they opened for a band I had never heard of at the time… Jane’s Addiction. I was into jazz, funk, R&B and rock, so seeing them come on stage and do their thing blew my fucking mind! I had never seen or heard anything like them before, and it was love at first sight and sound,” he says. 

“My first shoot was with lead singer Perry Farrell for Exposure Magazine in 1989. It’s when I got my iconic Jesus Christ Pose photo at the shoot, but the magazine didn’t like the results so I shot him again. This time we painted him silver and the rest is history. 

“In July 1990 I got to shoot the Ritual De Lo Habitual publicity photos for Warner Brothers Records, and I got to know them and their management very well. This respect and trust led to me shooting them as much as I could for almost two years. I shot a bunch of live shows, a handful of Lollapaloozas, behind the scenes, portraits and the infamous ‘Last Show’ in Hawaii.

“I will always be grateful for the trust they gave me so that I could get the best photos ever; they let me shoot whatever I wanted and never put any restrictions on me. The best part of this time was the music and all the experiences that I had. I’m so lucky I got these photos to remember it all.”

The Jane’s Addiction exhibit invite is currently up on his official artist newsletter.

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California native Chris Cuffaro has photographed the best of the best in the entertainment world – actors, models, athletes and musicians – for more than 40 years. He began his career by shooting local rock shows for fun, then moved to Los Angeles in the early ‘80s to create eye-popping images in the commercial and editorial space for such publications as Rolling Stone, Spin, RayGun, Vibe, Musician, Entertainment Weekly, US, Stuff, Maxim, Premiere, British Elle and W.

More recently, Cuffaro has presented multiple exhibitions celebrating his iconic music photography; he started with Greatest Hits: Los Angeles and then followed up with GH: Martini RanchGH: George MichaelGH: GrungeGH: Pearl Jam and GH: Michael Hutchence. He is currently working on an official Greatest Hitsdocumentary and expanding his popular exhibition to accommodate a worldwide audience.

His natural talent, versatility and tireless pursuit of artistic expression continue to grow, no matter the medium. “Regardless of what I’ve been able to accomplish in the past, there are always new mountains to climb and new borders to cross,” says Cuffaro. “I’m excited by where I’m going and what lies ahead… by the journey as well as the destination.” For more information, visit