Photography and recap by Alex Kluft

Photography by Alex Kluft

Iron Maiden frontman Bruce Dickinson took his Evening With tour to the Orpheum Theatre in Los Angeles, CA Tuesday night. This tour consists of 50 dates and the U.S. portion ends March 12th at the House of Blues Las Vegas before heading to Canada. An Evening with Bruce Dickinson consists of two parts, the first part lasting nearly two hours features Dickinson sharing stories pre-fame to becoming the front-man of one of metal’s biggest groups of all time. The second part is a Q&A. The evening began with a video montage highlighting different major moments of Dickinson’s musical career. One of the earlier stories shared was Dickinson buying what he called a “3rd hand copy” of Deep Purple and “learning every note” realizing he wanted to be a drummer. Dickinson stated “I was going to be the John Bonham of the bongos.” When he put a band together it was with a “guitar player that massacred the B.B. King song book,” and a “guitarist that could play half of Stairway to Heaven,” and an Australian bassist. They were trying to perform “Let It Be,” by the Beatles, and Dickinson impersonated his old singer’s bass vocals singing it. To see Dickinson sing solo in a small venue with a headset mic was quite an experience. Dickinson became a singer after when he realized he “could make millions writing sh*t like this.” This was a speaking engagement not a performance but Dickinson did sing a little bit. 

 Dickinson also shared it was his grandfather that raised him. Just like in an Iron Maiden concert, Dickinson was constantly moving around. He was dressed in all black with red shoes that could be seen from anywhere in the venue. Dickinson is not just a singer, pilot, cancer survivor, and fencer, but also a big comedian which fans will realize while watching these talks. One humorous story was how his “school career ended” when he “was expelled for pissing in the headmaster’s dinner.” Another one was waiting to meet Queen Elizabeth II and realized he was standing right next to Roger Daltry from The Who. Dickinson said he was an inch taller than Daltrey and that the Queen had no idea what heavy metal is. 
Dickinson ended the first portion with the video for Iron Maiden’s latest single “Writing on the Wall” from their new album Senjutsu. After. After intermission Dickinson returned to take questions on note cards fans wrote during the first half.

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