SHOW ME THE PICTURE: The Story of Jim Marshall

Feature Documentary Immerses Viewers in a Timeless Rock ‘N’ Roll Trip Through the Lens and Life of Jim Marshall

New to digital platforms, feature documentary SHOW ME THE PICTURE: The Story of Jim Marshall celebrates the legendary photographer’s captured moments of the rock ‘n’ roll gods and goddesses who changed the world and introduces viewers to the man himself. 

Told through more than 850 iconic photos and interviews, the film chronicles the infamous photographer’s life behind and outside the camera. A child of immigrants and a life battling inner demons, Marshall fought his way to become one of the most trusted mavericks behind a lens, with an all-access pass to the musicians, music, and seminal events that defined the 60’s counterculture movements.

A passion for music led him to capture defining moments in the lives and careers of iconic figures including The Beatles, Bob Dylan, the Rolling Stones, Janis Joplin, Johnny Cash, and Miles Davis. Throughout his groundbreaking career, Marshall crossed boundaries to record images of protest, civil unrest and poverty along with the American jazz scene, San Francisco’s Summer of Love, and the early New York folk scene. 

Synopsis: Photographer Jim Marshall captures the heights of the Rock and Roll music era, from the Beatles and Jimi Hendrix, to the civil rights movements and some of the most iconic moments of the 60’s.

SHOW ME THE PICTURE is available on AppleTV and Altavod now and playing at select theaters nationwide courtesy of Utopia.

SHOW ME THE PICTURE is a Bailey Kennedy Production directed by Alfred George Bailey and produced by Tatiana Kennedy. Sampsonic Media presents. The executive producers are Amelia Davis, Bonita Passarelli, Larry Levy, Richard Mansell, Adam Block, Arno Hazebroek, Nicolas D. Sampson and Christos Michaels.

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Co-founded by filmmaker Robert Schwartzman in 2018, Utopia is a film distribution and sales company that specializes in independent and documentary cinema. With a ‘filmmaker first’ approach, Utopia focuses on creating new theatrical and digital distribution opportunities, improving the direct-to-consumer experience, and helping filmmakers maintain a global presence. Recent Utopia titles include the TIFF breakout comedy Shiva Baby by Emma Seligman; The Ross Brothers’ Sundance 2020 selection Bloody Nose, Empty Pockets; Academy Award Winner Errol Morris’ American Dharma; Annabelle Attanasio’s Cannes breakout Mickey and the Bear, starring Camila Morrone; and, the 4K restoration of Hal Needham’s 1986 cult-classic, RAD. Upcoming releases include the Sundance and New Directors/New Films 2021 selections El Planeta and We’re All Going To The World’s Fair; Dasha Nekrasova’s Berlinale premiere The Scary of Sixty-First in partnership with Shudder and the Dash Snow documentary Moments Like This Never Last from Cheryl Dunn and Vice Studios.

Utopia has since launched Utopia Originals, a division dedicated to the development, packaging, and sales of original film and television content. Its most recently announced project is in partnership with Norman Reedus’ bigbaldhead Productions And Shout! Studios for a ‘Sorority House Massacre’ TV Series, based off of the cult classic of the same name.


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Sampsonic Media executive produced the family drama Hope Gap, written and directed by William Nicholson, and starring Annette Bening, Bill Nighy and Josh O’Connor; the music photography and Grierson Award winning documentary Show Me The Picture: The Story of Jim Marshall; the period-romance Vita & Virginia, starring Gemma Arterton and Elizabeth Debicki; and the World War II drama Adventures of a Mathematician, starring Esther Garrel and Joel Basman.

Other projects include the feature film Behind The Mirror, which won Best Thriller at the Manhattan Film Festival and was released through The Orchard; and the documentary Kurt Vonnegut: Unstuck in Time on the iconic author Kurt Vonnegut, for which Sampsonic Media raised finance.