In this episode of the Murphy Lab Artist Series, Bon Jovi lead guitarist Phil X talks about older instruments and how amazing they are as he checks out some of the new Gibson Custom Shop Murphy Lab-aged guitars and shares his thoughts with viewers.

Phil also discusses some of his early musical influences, including Tony Iommi and Angus Young, and how they inspired him to play SG’s, and adds, “the SG just does everything I want it to do.” As he plays some of the guitars from the Murphy Lab, Phil notes that they’re “aged perfectly.” He also comments about the way the Pelham Blue finish on an SG is aged in such a way that “the greenish little tint, that seems like it’s just in the clear coat. That’s why it looks…it looks perfect.” Phil also tries out an ES-355, A Les Paul Standard, and a Les Paul Junior. He also talks about the first Gibson he ever played, which was in 1977 when he borrowed a Goldtop Les Paul Deluxe from his cousin to play for a sixth-grade talent show.

Finally, Phil leaves us with these comments about the Murphy Lab guitars: “There’s so much character in these instruments. You feel like it’s been played, and that’s what I really, really like about these a lot. I’m really, really impressed, I have to say.”

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