Foo Fighters Setlist The Canyon, Agoura Hills, CA, USA 2021
Doors 7PM. Show at 9PM. No opener. SRO, no food sales.  Eat and be hydrated for door time.  
Protestors provided live entertainment for the afternoon.

June 15:

A hot afternoon in Agoura Hills. Hottest so far this year. People were already lined up out front. Rows of parking in the lot were blocked off earlier in the day. What a wonderful day to sit in the blazing sun and risk getting heat stroke.

Earlier This Week:

There were many misunderstandings and misconceptions about the ticketing process. Nobody was allowed to hang out anywhere towards the door while the staff set up. Thousands of people came out thinking they were all going to get a ticket or maybe there would be a pop up show in the lot, which the band has been known to do in the past. Only the first 300 people were allowed to buy tickets via a numbered chip. 21+, proof of vaccination, signed release and payment at the door was the requirement. One line only in the box office area. The mall technically doesn’t open until 8AM and this was a Sunday morning. That was the confusion. The mall also doesn’t allow for overnight parking, but many die-hards started waiting shortly after the announcement and the lot was full before 7AM. By 10:00, almost everyone allotted to buy tickets had been inside the venue since opening the doors, and the show was almost sold out by then (it took a considerable amount of time to pay for tickets inside with a single line, signed release, payment and proof of vaccination).

People even continued to wait in line in the heat after being told it was sold out, perhaps thinking there was a second show or an appearance was going to be made. By 6PM that night, the Canyon comedy show was going and the line was completely gone. There has been a lot of backlash from fans over not getting a ticket, but it’s unreasonable to think that everyone would get one. Some really didn’t look at it from the venue, band or mall’s perspective. The Canyon has followed all procedures, recommendations and guidelines for safely reopening a venue in LA County, as well as honoring the wishes and stipulations of the band, and they’ve been doing a great job for months. SUPPORT THE CANYON!!!