RIP guitarist Mark Goffeney

Inspirational and talented San Diego guitarist Mark Goffeney‘s mini-documentary by Ross Harris and Stanley Gonzales.

Mark Goffeney (May 22, 1969 – March 2021) was an American musician from San Diego, California, known as “Big Toe” because, being born without arms, he played guitar with his feet.[1] He was bassist and vocalist for the ‘Big Toe’ band and played the principal role on Fox Television‘s Emmy-nominated commercial ‘Feet’.

Mark Goffeney was also featured in “Hands Free“- the mini-documentary by Ross Harris and Stanley Gonzales, performed shows with Mana at huge venues.

Mark also traveled to England to record at Abbey Road Studios and shoot a video for the Paralympics.

Mark discusses the upcoming CAN DO MUSOS NAMM event on Sunday, January 24, 2016