The untold story of ex-Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry’s fight for musical survival in the early 80’s. Without a record label, without a band, with untested management and a brand new lead singer named Cowboy Mach Bell.

Mach Bell, a Boston-based rock singer and the author of “Once a Rocker Always a Rocker: A Diary.”  The book is based on the journals he kept while touring nationally and internationally with the Joe Perry Project in the early 80’s. Joe always calls him “Cowboy” and that became his stage and pen name.

Audible recently released the audiobook version of his memoir with expanded content and some great guest narrators (including JPP members Charlie Farren and Danny Hargrove) who help tell his rock’n’roll tales.

“I was 29 years old in February 1982 and living in my parents’ basement. I worked at my father’s stereo shop. A week later I unexpectedly became the lead singer of a famous hard rock band. Suddenly I was touring America and preparing to cut an album for a major label. Aerosmith’s Joe Perry needed a new singer for his Joe Perry Project and I got drafted. For me it was like winning the lottery. Much better though, because lotteries only pay cash. For the next two years I would be experiencing things in life that money just can’t buy. Living on the road with a beloved rock star, playing adventurous, unbridled hard rock on big stages to big crowds, signing autographs, finding romance and partying with my idols. I was on top but…Since quitting Aerosmith, Joe Perry was bottoming out. Health failing, marriage falling apart and deeply in debt. In order to stay one foot ahead of the tallyman Joe jumped into a van and hit the road, taking me and a few other newbies along on a mad dash across North America and beyond. Taking any gig he could get.” 

Cowboy Mach’s personal journal chronicles every day of this  forgotten chapter in rock history. “Once a Rocker Always a Rocker: A Diary” is available in paperback, eBook and now as an expanded-content Audiobook. Audible, Amazon and iTunes. https://www.amazon.com/dp/1733471200

“One of the Top 2 audiobooks I have ever heard!” Michael Butler – Host of The Rock and Roll Geek Show

“I just finished an awesome book which I think you’d enjoy, simply if you love rock’n’roll. Now, if you’re an Aerosmith and Joe Perry fan, I know you’re gonna want to read this one.” Carter Alan  WZLX-FM  iHeart Radio

“one entry has Joe Perry rolling on the floor during a concert having a fit. The story of their Caracas Venezuela concert is almost surrealistic…” Boston Groupie News

“wonderfully documented …For someone who is geeky about every detail like I am, when it comes to making records and set lists and tours et cetera – it’s a great story.” STEVE RICCARDO  Blowing Smoke with Twisted Rico podcast