Brooklyn Allman , the young classically-trained pianist, stylized vocalist, 12-string guitarist, poet, art director and glam rock provocateur and her band, performed a private show on Wednesday, November 20, Hollywood at the Gibson Showroom.
Brooklyn Allman:
BROOKLYN performed select songs to offer fans a preview of her forthcoming debut solo album, set for release in 2020.
Photos and Videos by Chuck Walker
BROOKLYN ALLMAN, the young, classically-trained pianist, stylized vocalist, 12-string guitarist, poet, art director and glam rock provocateur started a metal band on the playground of her public school at 12 years-old. BROOKLYN signed to a label and was booking tours with icons such as Alice Cooper and Marilyn Manson by the time she turned 20. After receiving acclaim and full page spreads in Revolver magazine, she gained traction at a young age by penning songs that went viral by the millions and focused on the timely topics for girls struggling with addiction, mental illness and eating disorders. BROOKLYN wanted to explore deeper, more timeless roots of music history. One evening while sipping absinthe with Marilyn Manson before heading to the stage to perform her opening set, there was an upright piano in the room. Unaware of the fact that it was Manson’s favorite melody of all time, BROOKLYN sat down and played “Moonlight Sonata” in its entirety. After hearing BROOKLYN’s metal band through the walls of his dressing room night after night, Manson gestured to the piano and asked her, “Why aren’t you doing that up there?” After dreaming of playing rock n roll songs written at her piano that would stand a chance of being heard over the unmediated half stacks of brash rock and double-kick pedals of the era, she meditated on Manson’s question for the remainder of the tour. 
Following the tour, BROOKLYN fell in love with the past-decades brilliance of David Bowie, Iggy Pop, Bauhaus, Love and Rockets and Velvet Underground . Dimming the lights on her metal band and ghosting hundreds of thousands of fans online, too hell bent on the next chapter to look back and explain, she set out to reinvent herself. She gained a reputation around the LA rock scene as the album-scrapping, producer-antagonizing perfectionist, but promising, multi-instrumental protege of music luminaries including Eurythmics’ Dave Stewart, Manson and last, but not least, her father, Gregory Allman of the Allman Brothers BandGregg formed a last-minute bond with his daughter years into his terminal liver cancer diagnosis and closely for the three years leading up to his death in 2017. During their final conversation, Gregg reminded her never to forget that music is meant to be a true reflection of the soul that provides pain relief to the listener. Her father’s uncompromising individuality and artistic integrity inspired her as she got to know him and his last sentiment remains the true north of BROOKLYN’s new, first chapter. 
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