You were with Ronnie for 12 years…


Does it get easier with his you know with his passing I know that having lost someone you know I kind of go ebs and flows a little bit even though it’s been such a long time”

“Yeah, you know it’s always tough you know as we get older in this life we lose people and even sometimes when we are kids you know we lose people and it’s it’s really hard and with a guy like that that you had so much time with on and off stage and these incredible spiritual vibes with it’s it’s a big one when you lose somebody like that but one of the reasons why myself and a lot of the rest of us who knew Ronnie well like to do this every year is because it gets us closer with them, it gives us some resolve and you know we feel better and I think the crowd the fans that come feel the same way I feel them you know they’re really really you know they wanted it to keep going and it just it ended and you know everybody gets to give a little back and get a little back from each other when we do it and it really is a trip it’s a big spiritual festival and I feel like Ronnie’s in the building you know every year and so do a lot of the other cats and gals that are there.


What do you miss most about Ronnie because you were with him I would say aside from Sammy Hagar you but you were with him the longest….

“Oh yes yeah well Sam was only there for two years I was there by far the longest”

So what is it that you miss the most?

“Well it’s selfish but I miss playing with him the most really I mean that’s that’s the biggest thing you know once you get into that that cycle man with with somebody and you got that energy with the crowd that’s that’s just it’s lofting and it’s in your life and that’s like part of your thing you know you miss it.”