Promix Academy founder & producer/engineer Warren Huart (Ace Frehley, Korn, Aerosmith) has teamed up with Grammy winning producer/ mixer Cameron Webb (Motorhead, NOFX, Pennywise) to release a new Promix Academy course on mixing and producing Punk Rock. This video released on takes you inside Maple studio and teaches the viewer how to craft an edgy, in-your-face record while using only stock plugins. In this course Webb mixes Runaway Kids’ “Fade Away” and explains his production and recording process behind the song.
This course goes over many important topics including the how to’s for EQ, compression, using drum samples, recording chains, and miking techniques. However, Webb doesn’t just teach the how-to, he teaches the why as well. Webb shows you every single mixing move he made and explains the reasoning behind his decisions. By watching this course the viewer can learn his workflow, philosophy and in which order he applies his processing to achieve powerful mixes. The best part is that you don’t need expensive gear to achieve the right sound as Webb teaches how to use stock plugins to their full potential and master everything from basic mixing concepts, like EQ and compression to advanced techniques like Automation, Bussing, Creative Effects and more.

Lastly, Webb gives us a full breakdown of his production and explains the arrangement and creative choices. He walks you through his studio and recording setup and shares his philosophy behind working with bands and making them comfortable to get the best performances.