During his time as the bass player of The Cult (his credits also include work with Ozzy Osbourne, Mick Jagger, and Scott Weiland, among many others), Chris Wyse was a guest performer for Ace Frehley‘s solo band, doing some recording for “Space Invader” as well as the first tour of the record in 2014. Since then, he recorded most of “Origins Vol. 1” and became an official member of the “AFB” (Ace Frehley Band) on a full-time basis.

Wyse initially hit it off with Ace when they met during Ace’s DVD “Behind the Player” somewhere around 2009 and both have spoke of getting the feeling that they would end up working together. “We have a cool vibe together and large heavy sound.”

Out on their current tour, the AFB played a great show at The Canyon Club in Agoura Hills, CA last Sunday night to a capacity crowd. They play a show tonight at The Saban Theater, The Canyon’s sister venue in Beverly Hills.

The tour is going great! Ace and the band are in top form and I really believe we are hitting a whole new level of gelling and sonics…. truly one of the best bands I have been in hands down! (Richie) Scarlet is the real deal NYC punk on the 2nd guitar and compliments Ace perfectly. (Scot) Coogan and I always said one day we are gonna play together and to end up now playing for Ace is awesome. Coogie’s voice is stellar and he grooves deep. Ace is simply playing the best ever and singing great. He is super vibrant and kicking’ ass every night. It is a super fun band.

During their set, Wyse plays a bass solo that defies description and goes places you would expect with the instrument:

Ace came into rehearsals and I didn’t realize he was there while I was shredding away. I turned around and I saw Ace and said “Sorry man, didn’t realize you were here waiting.” Ace said, “Guess what?….. You are doing a bass solo!” So after that it just kept growing into a beast of a solo and the fans really seem to dig it. The “spotlight” goes around the room in the “AFB” (Ace Frehley Band), Ace is very cool like that!

His band OWL is “In writing mode again after 3 releases and ten years. I’ve got some very heavy groove-oriented songs brewing with hooks for days. OWL is quite full of upright bass and that would be really my other main instrument….. and, of course, I sing and write. All the colors I work on are to compliment the song idea.


He has also enjoyed jamming at the Ultimate Jam Night and Soundcheck Live sessions with OWL, many of his friends and as a special guest curator: “It is great to have a sense of community in LA. I have made so many new friends and had great shows.”

Footage of Chris covering a few of his early musical influences: