Thank you to Polina Hryn for featuring California Rock News on her weekly show “The Po Sho on Monday at 1PM Pacific Time (TradioV.com / ZINNA.TV) to discuss the importance of music, art and doing things for a good cause in the music scene.

Po went above and beyond in organizing the show, selecting the content and coming up with the awesome collage she and WET PUZZLE PIECE created and edited with the pictures and footage from Natalia Britt, Alex Kluft, John Bereziuk, Will Greenberg, Sal Gomez, Manny Dominguez, Jenny Hedstrom, Mark Litsky and everyone else that has helped out with the site.

SHOW LINK: http://www.wetpuzzlepiece.com/po-sho-october-2016-archives

ALL ARCHIVES:… https://www.instagram.com/p/BLaLFU9j1-U/