How Much More


This Town

Mad About You



Fun With Ropes

Good Girl

Fading Fast

Cool Places

Cool Jerk

Skidmarks on My Heart

La La Land

Our Lips Are Sealed

We Got the Beat


Wrecking Ball

(Miley Cyrus cover)

Get Up and Go

Encore 2:

Head Over Heels

Go Go's Final Show and Homecoming Party
by Russ Allsup

   The Go-Go's final tour made its last stop at the Greek Theatre in the bands'
hometown of Los Angeles on Tuesday night, and was a fitting end to a 38 year run 
as a band. More than just a concert, it was a party and celebration of a band that
has earned its place in music history.

   Following solid opening sets were put on by Kaya Stewart, then Los Angeles natives
Best Coast, the Go-Go's played a 19 song set that covered their almost four decade career
and included pop, punk, rock and even songs by other artists ('Wrecking Ball' by Miley Cyrus, 
'Cool Jerk' by The Capitols and 'Cool Places' by Sparks). Very few bands have a catalog of 
music like the Go-Go's do, with different songs recalling other great rock bands of the past
such as the Beach Boys, The Beatles, The Ramones and more.

   Throughout the night the band and audience both were having so much fun that that it
was hard to believe that this group was retiring while sounding better than ever
and firing on all gears. The musicianship was top level, performed by a band that still
has the time of their lives when onstage. The Go-Go's and the crowd were loving every
second of it- rarely are rock concerts this much pure fun from start to finish.

Go-Go's setlist 8-30-16

1.  Vacation
2.  How Much More
3.  Tonight
4.  This Town
5.  Mad About You (Belinda Carlisle song)
6.  Insincere
7.  Screaming
8.  Fun With Ropes
9.  Good Girl
10. Fading Fast
11. Cool Places (Sparks cover)
12. Cool Jerk (The Capitols cover)
13. Skidmarks on My Heart
14. La La Land
15. Our Lips Are Sealed
16. We Got the Beat

17. Wrecking Ball (Miley Cyrus cover)
18. Get Up and Go
19. Head Over Heels