By Sal Gomez

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Melissa Etheridge

There’s just something connective and special about a genuine rock & roller that is the same age as myself….and as a gentleman I will not disclose that number here, however like a fine wine Melissa Etheridge is as glorious and delicious as she’s ever been. There must be something effervescent in the waters of the mid west that allows someone like Etheridge to spring up and burst out with the magic of music. And there is no doubt that her particular blessing or gift is still contained with her spirit. On Sunday night Melissa Etheridge showed what makes her very special in the music world. Both wondrously moving and yet a ground shaking rocker all packaged into a fireball of energy Melissa Etheridge has endured and she appears to have no end in sight.


Melissa Etheridge Setlist Greek Theatre, Los Angeles, CA, USA 2016



Neil Giraldo & Pat Benatar

Within the framework of rock royalty there must be a special place for love and family and marriage, because Pat Benatar & Neil Giraldo took the stage of the Greek Theater and showed off their love for each other, their love for their work and their deep love for their fans. Taking a large appreciative crowd and making them feel like they’ve been invited to a backyard BBQ is no easy task for anyone but these two made it look easy. Performing their hits with a sprinkling of personal stories and acoustic renditions the couple and their band appeared to have just as much fun as everyone else in attendance. The music is without question some of the best every written and recorded but to my ears it all takes on a whole new life when played live and loud. Pat Benatar never sounded better and her voice was graceful, strong and powerful. Neil Giraldo proves once again why he is one of the best guitarists every recorded playing each hook with grace and ease. It was indeed a privilege to be there and an experience that has indeed stayed with me.


Pat Benatar Setlist Greek Theatre, Los Angeles, CA, USA 2016