The Sunset Jam has made its new home at The Viper Room every Monday night.

Led by acclaimed session and touring guitarist Erik Himel (known for his touring and session work with Mumiy Troll, JES, and Matt Sorum), The Sunset Jam hosts local and national/international artists to showcase their talents alongside Himel’s professional house band.  Since its inception in January, The Sunset Jam has featured over 500 performers.


Below, Himel discusses being at the VIPER ROOM, having this show throughout the year on the SUNSET STRIP, his house band and playing in three jams in the same week:

“The Viper Room has been great and super supportive of this night. The move here was the right thing to do for the artists and for the night. The response has been awesome and it’s extremely exciting for everyone involved. To give unknown artists a platform to play on a world famous stage is a very moving thing.”

“With any night, it’s hard enough to do 2 in a row!  The fact we’ve been able to maintain over 6 months on Sunset, and the fact that every week is building and building is amazing.  The musicians and audience have been so supportive and helpful to grow this show.  We’re trying to create a new movement and unite the music community in LA, not separate it and I think people really identify with this idea.  It’s a very strong thing.  Most people don’t realize it, but I’ve actually done jam nights for a few years, but nothing can compare to the momentum this night has taken on.”

“I’m really proud to say I’ve got some great talent that has joined me in the house band. All the guys have been around for some time, I’ve done a bunch of film music stuff with Dave “Chili” Moreno, who has joined me on the drums.   The great thing is that we’ve got a pretty solid group but then as people tour we can pull in other players.  So it’s always changing and always rotating.”

“I think that I’m the second person to have played all 3 jam nights in a row (last week, he performed Monday night at The Sunset Jam, Tuesday at The Ultimate Jam and Wednesday at Soundcheck Live — “Chili” Moreno is the only other performer to have done the same).  And the best part of it is all these nights offer different things for different people. They all have in common that some of the finest players in LA grace these stages week after week.  I’d like to encourage everyone to support as many nights as possible. It’s not easy to put these together, I speak from experience. Kudos goes to Steve Ferlazzo, Matt Starr and Chuck Wright for the countless hours of coordination and work that they do week after week.  All of us are stronger together!”

SCheck TwentyOne-127

BRYAN ADAMS – CUTS LIKE A KNIFE:   V Alex Buchanan / G1 Erik Himel / G2 Matt Fuller / B Sean Sobash / D Dave Chili / K Danielle
LENNY KRAVITZ – AMERICAN WOMAN:   V Alex Buchanan / G1 Erik Himel / G2 Matt Fuller / B Sean Sobash / D Dave Chili / K Danielle
INXS – WHAT YOU NEED  V Alex Buchanan / G1 Erik Himel / G2 Matt Fuller / B Sean Sobash / D Dave Chili / K Danielle / SAX Katja Reickerman
BLINK 182 – ALL THE SMALL THINGS  V Jess Weimer / G1 Erik Himel / G2 Matt Fuller / B Sean Sobash / D Emily Dickinson
PEARL JAM – ANIMAL.  V Brett Copeland / G1 Michael O Grady / G2 Nazim Chambi / B Tommy Black / D Joao Souza
AC/DC – WHOLE LOTTA ROSIE  V Dave Keckhut / G1 Erik Himel / G2 Jimmy Khoury / B Tommy Black / D Dave Chili
CREAM – WHITE ROOM  V Nick Marzock / G1 Nick Marzock / G2 Nazim Chambi / B Steve Blasini / D Dan Potruch
AMY WINEHOUSE – YOU KNOW I’M NO GOOD  V Devyn Rush / G1 Max Rich / G2 Spencer Blevins / B Justin Smolian / D Dan Potruch / K Danielle
CHRISTINA AGUILERA – AIN’T NO OTHER MAN. V Devyn Rush / G1 Gabi Martinez / G2 Dre Dimura / B Edison Lo / D Noel Jasso / K Danielle
BILLY SQUIRE – MY KINDA LOVER V Tiffany Madadian / G1 Erik Himel / G2 Matt Fuller / B Justin Smolian / D Joao Souza / K Danielle
BILLY IDOL – WHITE WEDDING. V Liz Rosnowski / G1 Curtis Ulin / G2 Jimmy Burkard / B Stephen McGrath / D Dave Allen
LED ZEPPELIN – GOOD TIMES BAD TIMES  V Nick Marzock / G1 Jimmy Burkard / B Stephen McGrath / D Chili
AEROSMITH – SWEET EMOTION  V Dave Keckhut / G1 Jimmy Burkard / G2 Erik Himel / B Stephen McGrath / D Chili
AEROSMITH – DREAM ON  V Nick Giordano / G1 Ramon Blanco / G2 Yohai Portal / B Caroline Cirone / D Dave Chili
V Asia Rockstar / G1 Erik Himel / G2 Matt Fuller / B Sean Sobash / D Dave Chili / K Danielle / VIOLIN Koi Anuta
TINA TURNER – PROUD MARY V Flavia / G1 Erik Himel / G2 Joe Augello / B Max Benson / D Kimball Gilspie / Sax Katja
DEEP PURPLE – BURN  V Dave Keckhut / G1 Erik Himel / G2 Joe Augello / B Max Benson / D Dave Chili / K Michael Klooster
BRUNO MARS – LOCKED OUT OF HEAVEN V Kenny Kawolwski / G1 Kenny / G2 O Grady / B Jerry Best / D Dave Chili / K Danielle / BV Ashley Jade
GRACE POTTER – PARIS. V Tori Weschler / G1 Arturo Lopez / G2 Alan Sosa / B Sean Sobash / D Noel Jasso
DEF LEPPARD – HYSTERIA.  V Amanda Melissa / G1 John Ou / G2 Basil Fung / B Sean Ritchie / D Ben Masters
JANET JACKSON – BLACK CAT  V Amanda Melissa / G1 Erik Himel / G2 Basil Fung / B Edison Lo / D Ben Masters / BV Liz Rosnowski & Jayme Palmer / K James Harper
GINUWINE – PONY V Alex Buchanan / G1 Erik Himel / G2 Micah Jones / B Sean Sobash / D Dave Chili / K Danielle
CHAKA KHAN – THROUGH THE FIRE V Jayme Palmer / G1 Micah Jones / B Max Benson / D Jaydon Bean / K Nick Pitrello / BV Fyfe Monroe
REO SPEEDWAGON – KEEP ON LOVING YOU.  V Ashley Jade / G1 Michael Omiya / G2 Dre Dimura / B Eric Hamilton / D Chris James / K Emily Dickinson
THE CRANBERRIES – ZOMBIE. V KC / G1 Nazim Chambi / G2 Matt Fuller / B Sean Ritchie / D David Allen
LAURA BRANIGAN – GLORIAV KC / G1 Erik Himel / G2 Hunter Cohen / B Caroline Cirone / D Kimball Gilspie / K Danielle
PINK – BLOW ME V Julian Waterman / G1 John Mayo / G2 Aaron Cruz / B Ricky Bakken / D Dave Chili / BV Jayme
BAD COMPANY – SHOOTING STAR V Jaime Alonge / G1 Michael O’ Grady / G2 Jeremy Deneau / B Ben White / D Tommy Paradise
MICHAEL JACKSON – GIVE IN TO ME V Alex Buchanan / G1 Erik Himel / G2 Micah Jones / B Sean Sobash / D Dave Chili / K Danielle McGinley

Those interested in being considered for performing should submit a video of their playing via The Sunset Jam’s website. Himel does his best to accommodate as many musicians as possible.