Ted Nugent returned to the Canyon Club for his 6524th concert (and he’s also sold over 40 million albums).   On the road with the the ‘Sonic Baptizm’ tour, his trio includes Greg Smith on bass and 21 year old Jason Hartless on drums.

Born in Detroit in 1948, The Motor City Madman clearly loves America and his band, which he proudly declares is the “best band in the world.”

On his final California date of the tour (he also played the Rose, Saban and the Coach House, among other venues), he started with the Star Spangled Banner in front of a capacity crowd that displayed many waving American flags, he tore through a baker’s dozen of his popular tunes throughout his set.   He calls them all “love songs” and claims he didn’t invent the love song, he just “perfected” it.

Throughout the show, he played a wide range of music with his proud collection of American made guitars.  His lead guitar playing was very technical and his riffing was very heavy.  He shredded extra hard on “Wang Dang Sweet Poontang”.  And his band was on fire.  He made mention of the “lost art of practicing” and said his band really practiced/ rehearsed a lot before the “Sonic Baptizm” tour kicked off.

Uncle Ted also discussed blues legends and played many pieces and parts of songs that influenced his musical style.

He had some choice words for Jerry Brown, various other politicians, the state of California and the way things are here now as opposed to how they used to be (a la “The Real California” as he put it.)

He placed a real emphasis on the importance of being a hard worker to achieve success in anything.

And he had strong words for the state of America.    His unapologetic talks and stance match his take-no-prisoners style of rock.  “If anything I said offends you, then fuck you.”  He went on about being “hated by assholes”.

It was pretty amusing. He played Stranglehold, Cat Scratch Fever and encored with Great White Buffalo to the delight of the capacity crowd.

At 67 years old and rocking for over 5 decades, he shows no signs of slowing down and continues to deliver great rock n roll shows from town to town.   A great interview with Ted conducted by the Canyon Club.