award winning videography by Alex Kluft

CRAZY TRAIN Jesse, Matt, Ben White, Mitch, Walter

Ultimate Jam Night House Band On drums… Matt Starr On guitar  – Mitch Perry on guitar and keys – Walter Ino On bass –Ben White


GIVE IT AWAY Sean Nichols, Matt, Mark, Ira
Mark Klepaski. On guitar…Ira Black, On vocals Seann Nichols

MOUNTAIN SONG Sean Nichols, Matt, Mark, Ira


On drums…Tom Morris On bass…Pharoah Barrett On guitar…Loren Molinare On guitar…Alex Kane On vocals….Ron Young

SHE TALKS TO ANGELS Cherokee Fortune, Matt, Johnny Martin, Mitch

SKIN O MY TEETH Howie Simon, Tim Yeung, Ben White, Doc Coyle

Guitar and Vocals Howie Simon, On drums, Tim Yeung, On bass  Ben White,  On guitar, Doc Coyle


HOLY WARS Kirsten Rosenberg, Tim Yeung, Conan Gonzalez, Ben White, Doc Coyle   On guitar…. Conan Gonzalez on vocals….…Kirsten Rosenberg

LET THERE BE ROCK Matt, Perkins, Tsuzumi, Mayuko  group Tabitha with The Okais and Stephen Perkins On bass…from Boost, The Binges, and Tabitha – Tsuzumi Okai On guitar…from Boost, The Binges, and Tabitha – Mayuko Okai

LIGHTS OUT IN LONDON – TABITHA with vocals by  Matt Starr


Bill Ward, Nick Diltz, Joe Amodeo

FEELING FINE Michael Klooster, Mitch, Paul Bushnell, Greg Kamp Dave Shelton

MOONAGE DAYDREAM Derek Day, Mike Dupke, Johnny Martin, Evan Stanley, Walter, Klooster, Reinhold Schwartzwald

THE OCEAN Chas West, Chili, McNabb, Christian Nesmith, Evan

STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN Chas, Chili, McNabb, Christian, Mitch acoustic, Jen Roth, Kaitlin Wolfberg & Emily Ellin, Walter

OLD TIME ROCK AND ROLL Matt, Ben White, Mitch, Walter, Klooster, Maureen, Reinhold Schwartzwald