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“A Gift To Orlando”
OPENER 1 – MADLIFE:  Angry Phil, Ameer, Kyle Cunningham, Sarah Faulkner

OPENER 2: THE CHIMPZ:  Artimus Prime, Chuck Preston, Gary Singman, Scary Cary, Sean Topham, Shawn Lyon
TIE YOUR MOTHER DOWN Paulie,Matt, Chuck, Mitch,August, Walter

On drums… from Mr. Big and Ace Frehley – Matt Starr,
On guitar – from Edgar Winter Band and MSG – Mitch
Perry, on keys – from the band Survivor – Walter Ino, On bass – Quiet Riot’s Chuck Wright, on guitar from the Dennis DeYoung band…August Zadra

YOU GOT ANOTHER THING COMING Paulie, Matt, Chuck, Mitch, August

WE DON’T NEED ANOTHER HERO. Debby, Matt, Chuck, Mitch, Walter, Maureen and Singing back up vocals Kevin Parker Robinson


PURPLE HAZE and OVER MY HEAD:  On drums… Mike Hansen, On guitar– Tommy Baldwin,on bass and vocals –DUG Pinnick

TANTRIC:  Drummer Mike Smith, Bassist Scott Wilson, Guitarist Tommy Gibbons,
Frontman Hugo Ferriera…
WHY DON’T YOU AND I Alex Band,Matt, Chuck, Mitch, Walter, Scott Breadman percussion

Drummer Matt Starr, Mitch Perry on guitar, Walter Ino on keys, and the
Captain – Chuck Wright on bass,on percussion- Scott Breadman..And out front…from The Calling-Alex Band   WHEREVER YOU MAY GO Alex Band, Matt, Chuck ,Mitch, Walter, Scott Breadman
DREAM ON Alex Band, Matt, Chuck, Mitch, Paulie (acoustic), Walter, Scott Breadman, Kevin


Frontwomen Carla Harvey and Heidi Sheperd guitarist Henry Flury
bassist Jason Klein drummer Chris Warner

HELLION On drums.. Simon Wright On bass… Bjorn Englen. On keyboards…Scott Warren On guitar…Ira Black On lead guitar…Maxxwell Carlisle on vocals Ann Boleyn
DIO DISCIPLES On drums – Simon Wright On keyboards– Scott Warren On bass – Bjorn Englen On guitar Craig Goldy on vocals…Joe Retta…
GAYC DC Chris, Brian, Glen, Steve
Chris Freeman, Steve McKnight, Karl Rumpf, Glen Pavan, and Brian Welch
WESTFIELD MASSACRE:  On drums Dio Britz On bass,Erik Tsinger  On guitar…Ira Black
On guitar…Stephen Brewer On vocals…Tommy Vext
1.25 KENNETH BRYAN BAND On drums…Steve Ferrone On bass, Paul iLL Travis Stevens
Kenneth Bryan
SOCIAL DISTORTION:   On drums, Matt Starr. On bass …Johnny Martin On guitar…from Prong and Madonna…Monte Pittman

GIMMIE SHELTER Paulie, Matt, Chuck, Mitch, Walter, Debby