by Sal Gomez

The music of the legendary Paul McCartney heard LIVE is becoming hard to come by in both MACCA’s logistics in his touring schedule and in simply obtaining a ticket with today’s sky-rocketing venue pricing. There is however a very worthy and satisfying alternative to satisfy that Wings sugar tooth.  Ardy Sarraf has played Paul McCartney in the world touring tribute to the Beatles called The Fab Four and as a natural extension of that band, Ardy has taken a few of his FF band members with him to create “Wingsband” a tribute to Paul McCartney & Wings and it is indeed a very worthy alternative to the real deal.  The powerhouse Wingsband also includes Ron McNeil, Michael Amador, Rolo Sandoval, Christine Rosander & leading the impressive full horn section is Wendell Kelly.


Wingsband will play “The Hangar” during the upcoming 2016 Orange County Fair on Friday August 5th at 8:30pm For tickets follow this link: Wingsband Tickets The Hanger