by Sal Gomez

The 6th season of AXS TV’s World’s Greatest Tribute Bands show has now marked a slew of historical coincidences & for lack of a better term, anniversaries of a related sort.  Last night’s band, Lotus Land – A Tribute to RUSH, was no exception.  Lotus Land’s appearance on the show inside the world famous Whisky A Go Go on the Sunset Strip coincided with the actual band RUSH and their appearance at the famed night club…. because in was 42 years ago that RUSH was in town to play a few shows and to do a bit of recording with one stop (actually multiple days in a row) at the Whisky.

The strange coincidences did not stop there because Lotus Land proved why they were selected to play on this particular show.  Were they good?  Absolutely.  Did they do the music justice?  Again, absolutely.  Would RUSH have been proud?  I think RUSH would have given the keys to Lotus Land and said, “You guys lock up when you finish our tour”.  Lotus Land played like they owned the Limelight.  They grabbed the wheel of that Red Barchetta and floored it through those sleepy subdivisions and woke every working man with their spirit blasting from their radio.  They were crazy wildly good.


Just for the record, Lotus Land is Bob Chartrand on Lead Guitar & Vocals, Mark Dalton on Drums & Chris Nelson on Bass Guitar &  lead vocals and WOW can they play.  They are indeed worthy of the master class assembled by host & producer Katie Daryl because they have now been adorned with the crown of a World’s Greatest Tribute Band.

Set List

The Spirit of The Radio

Tom Sawyer

Red Barchetta


Closer to the Heart




Working Man