Sunday is usually the relatively least mob-ish day of NAMM.  This year was no exception.  Most exhibitors know this and brought out the big guns Thursday through Saturday.  However, nobody told Dean Guitars about this.  They brought out legendary thrash metal pioneer Dave Mustaine from Megadeth for his only appearance at NAMM.  Dave showed up with his wife and a sizeable entourage and was flanked by Megadeth mascot Vic Rattlehead.  After a tour of the Dean exhibit and the unveiling of his new Signature Guitar USA VMNT Holy Grail, he tried his best to accommodate fans even as security did their best to hurry them along. To commemorate 33 years of Megadeth, there are only 33 uniquely numbered Holy Grails in existence.  They have a beautiful 24K Gold Leaf finish with a red “blood” staining.
IMG_4914 IMG_4952 IMG_4959Never one to disappoint his fans, Dave stayed and signed posters and took pictures until every fan left satisfied — garnering much goodwill for Dean Guitars.  Surely any preconceived notion about him being difficult were shattered on this day.  The line started forming 90 minutes before Dave arrived. Free t-shirts to the first dozen or so fans did not hurt their willing patience either.  By the time the line started moving, the line stretched from one end of the 3rd floor of the convention center to the other.  Many fans were seen clutching Megadeth’s new album Dystopia, other memorabilia and albums, even though security made it clear he’d only sign the provided posters.  Fans near the front could even peak a view of David Ellefson at the exhibit, though he was nowhere to be seen once his front man arrived.IMG_4976
According to Billboard, Dystopia has debuted at #3 on the Top 200 Albums chart, their highest position since Countdown to Extinction. Given the trajectory from Super Collider which debuted at #11 and the quality and aggression that Dave is doling out with his latest, there is no reason to give up hopes of Megadeth yet still attaining that #1 album in the years to come!