NUNO BETTENCOURT returned to Ultimate Jam Night and, along with several performers, paid tribute to Scott Weiland by performing STP songs.  Nuno performed a solo rendition of “Creep“:

Eric Dover performed Interstate Love Song and Vaseline with Koko Powell, Doug Rapoport and Mike Dupke, and Kenny Kanowski, Chili Moreno, Jerry Best and Mark Zavon performed Sex Type Thing.

Other highlights included the debut of Spider One from Powerman 5000 jamming on Bombshell and When Worlds Collide

Gabbie Rae performed Dust In The Wind with Nuno, Kaitlin Wolfberg on violin and Steves Ferlazzo and Fekete

there was Mr. Crowley with Tim Yeung, Kenny Kanowski, Jerry Best and Ferlazzo

The evening also included tunes from Sean and Juliet Beaven, Christine Connelly, Damon Fox, Jared James, Nichols, Tomasina Abate, Louis Metoyer, Debby Holiday, and Yolanda Thomas, backed by such players as Ira Black, Barry Pointer, Johnny Martin, August Zadra, Tiny Biuso, Walter Ino, Mark Shulman, Jacob Szekly, Jenn Oberle, Shane Solowski, Chris Reeve, Ace Von Johnson, Zeus, Ty Dennis, Derek Frank, Jonathan Mover, and the house band of Mitch Perry, Chuck Wright, Matt Starr, Ferlazzo and backup vocals by Lisa Margaroli and Kevin Parker Robinson