It’s not just a day, it’s a movement

#GivingTuesday was created to unite everyone in a day of generosity, to make a difference any way we choose at the start of this busy holiday season.

How can you join the movement? Give the perfect gift that helps in so many ways — a St. Jude Gift of Donation. Whether it’s a new set of toys or a session of physical therapy, your gift will make a difference to St. Jude patients and their families.

Help St. Jude provide lifesaving treatment, world-class patient care and milestone celebrations for families fighting childhood cancer together this season.


December 2nd, 2015

Help those in need this Holiday Season by giving to the

Rock School Scholarship Fund.

“Without the scholarship fund I know (my son) would not be the kid that he is today.”

“He was diagnosed some years ago as developmentally delayed,” says his mother.

“He had to go into a special gym class, had no body control,” she says, noting that while he has never been diagnosed as such, he likely would be considered to be on the autism spectrum. “He doesn’t have friends. He is an odd child. I love him for it, but he’s a unique human being.”

“It’s very funny,” his mother says. “He can somehow focus through music to be able to drum, use all four limbs like that. He can’t ride a bike, but he can play drums!”

Arguably, even more remarkable is what this has meant in his life beyond the drum stool…..