Here’s a great account of last Saturday’s Cathouse Live from RockSandy — Sandy was part of the Cathouse experience back in the 80s, which makes this an even better read.

Cathouse Live tix and passI love summer – it’s my favorite season. But even for a Florida girl this show fell on one brutally hot summer day. If you wanted to survive the heat beating down on you it was wise to pick and choose which bands you wanted to stand up and shout for and which you wanted to listen to from a shadier spot. So with a close eye on the schedule and an ear on the stage, as well as some cold beer and water, we rocked the day from both our seats and sheltered areas.

Because there were so many bands – not that I’m complaining as having too many bands to see is certainly not a bad thing – I didn’t catch them all. For more detailed coverage and great photos of every band that played check out California Rock News. I’ll beg your forgiveness ahead of time for my bad photography below, but I…

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