The “Music On A MissionMending Kids event was held on Sunday evening and opened with a VIP reception, a red carpet area, some bowling, and lots of live music with Johnny Depp and Gene Simmons jamming out to end the show.

Gilby Clarke, Steve Ferlazzo, Matt Starr and Sean McNabb served as the show’s house band.  Together they opened the music portion of the show with “It’s Only Rock N Roll” and”Pump It Up.

Surrender” and “Come Together” were the next tunes performed with Lifehouse’s Bryce Soderberg  backed by Gilby, Ferlazzo and Matt Starr. 

Franky Perez and Dave Kushner then joined in and rocked “Highway Star” and “Roadhouse Blues” with Ferlazzo, McNabb, Matt and Gilby.

Debbie Holiday joined on vocals for “Stay With Me” and “Sweet Child of Mine” to end the first set.

SET TWO opened with EXTREME!!!   Joined by Ferlazzo (who was in Drama Gods with Nuno Bettencourt and Kevin Figueiredo as well as being a member of Tribe of Judah with Gary Cherone and Pat Badger – that’s all four members of Extreme tight there) on “Get The Funk Out“, and Nuno and Cherone followed it up with “More Than Words“, which was an awesome moment for everyone in attendance.

Gary Cherone stayed on and jammed “Won’t Get Fooled Again” with Sean McNabb, Gilby Ferlazzo and Starr.

The set started to wind down as Nikka Costa joined for “Black Dog“, “Yer Blues” and “Whole Lotta Love“.

Johnny Depp then arrived and joined Bruce Witkin, Ferlazzo and Matt Starr as they jammed to “School’s Out“.

Armed with his signature bass, Gene Simmons joined in  on the last two songs with a solid performance of “DEUCE“.  (FOLLOWING PICTURES COURTESY OF HEAVY METAL HILL)

And on the last tune, he helped raise some money for Mending Kids by getting people to donate to get up and rock onstage with Johnny Depp, Gilby, Starr and Nuno on background vocals during “ROCK N ROLL ALL NITE” to top off a great night of music, giving and hanging out at a cool venue in Hollywood.

Red carpet event interviews from Alex Kluft (Alex Kluft Photography): 





Mending Kids provides life-changing surgical care to children worldwide.  Over the years, thousands of children have received corrective, transformational surgeries that have given them a chance at longer, healthier and happier lives.  Proceeds from this event go directly towards helping needy children across the globe, treating common ailments like congenital heart defects, orthopedic abnormalities, severe scoliosis, and significant cranial facial deformities.