After a few reunion tour attempts that didn’t work out, Culture Club is finally back together and as great as ever. 

Culture Club played their first of 2 shows at the Greek Theater last night to a sold out crowd.   This show was originally scheduled in November of last year as part of the reunion tour and it was certainly worth the wait.

This is the first time since 2002 all four original members have played a show together and was their first show in Los Angeles since 1986 making it even more special.   In the 5 years (81-86) that Culture Club was originally together, they released 4 albums, 2 of which were platinum in the U.S. and another 4x Platinum, 8 singles that were in the top 15 in the US. “Karma Chamelon” and “Do You Really Want to Hurt Me” were a number 1 in more than 10 countries.

The first 3 songs of the show were all fan favorites. Culture Club opened with “Church Of The Poison Mind,” in which one of the backing singers came out to sing the chorus.  “It’s A Mircle,” and “I’ll Tumble 4 Ya.”   This was definitely the reunion of the year to see and one of the hottest summer tours.cc2When the band hit the stage. it was an instant dance party with the 4 original members Boy George (Vocals), Roy Hay (Guitar/Keys), Mikey Craig (Bass), and Jon Moss (Drums) and their backing band.   Half of their biggest album “Colour By Numbers,” was performed as well as a few songs from their upcoming album “Tribes.”   

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The show lasted around 100 minutes and every minute of it was fun. Hardly anyone sat down — even on the slower songs.   At least half the songs were “sing-alongs”.    Boy George has been an musical icon for over 30 years now with his unique looks and voice. He wore 3 outfits during the show, one for the first 3 with a large headpiece that looked like a big pompadour, a large gold dollar sign chain, a black sport coat over an outfit with hearts, piece signs, and religious symbols, another with a red blazer and top hat up to encore, and a black robe with an elaborate headpiece.  To start the encore offstage and while the lights were out, Boy George sang the beginning “Karma Chameleon,” which led into the audience singing the whole first verse and then Boy George asked “Is that the song you want to hear?”


The audience cheered and the lights came on followed by the band playing the song from the beginning and the classic harmonica parts as the music video for “Karma Chameleon” played.

For the last song, Boy George played homage to his idol David Bowie who is the reason Boy George became an artist. Culture Club played a great cover of “Starman,” with an unannounced special guest who came out dancing then joining vocals with Boy George who was none other than Jack Black.

From “mmmmpopmuzik“‘s YouTube Channel:

Black had George cracking up between words with his behavior. If you missed this show, there’s another tonight at the Greek Theater. The best part was the band was having just as much fun onstage together as the audience was.


1. Church of the Poison Mind 

2. It’s a Miracle 

3. I’ll Tumble 4 Ya 

4. Let Somebody Love You 

5. Everything I Own 

6. Like I Used To 

7. Move Away 

8. Black Money 

9. Victims 

10. Human Zoo 

11. Time (Clock of the Heart) 

12. Different Man 

13. Miss Me Blind 

14. I Just Wanna Be Loved 

15. The Crying Game 

16. Do You Really Want to Hurt Me? 

17. Runaway Train 

18. Karma Chameleon 

19. More Than Silence 

20. Starman