7/11/15: The Sweet at The Canyon Club

The “Godfather’s of Glam” are back. The Sweet rocked the Canyon Club tonight and in true Back to the Future form, transformed 2015 back to the 1970’s.

Reformed by Original, founding-member and bassist, Steve Priest, The Sweet are re-energized and showing the glam pretenders of the world how it’s done.  The Sweet inspired such bands as Motley Crue and KISS and although a lot less reliant on the look these days, the combination of Priest, Richie Onori (Drums), Stevie Stewart (keyboards) and powerhouse vocalist, Joe Retta make you remember what was important….The music.



The band were joined on guitar by the versatile Mitch Perry (LITA FORD, MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUP, EDGAR WINTER…) which may make some of you ask, which bands HASN’T Mitch been in!?!DSC00010

The Sweet are a band that make a lot of people ask “They wrote THAT song?”

“Action” (covered by Def Leppard) kicked off the evening and led to a short but SWEET (I had to do it) 1 hour and 26 minute set that ran through some their Greatest hits, including; “Hellraiser”, “Love is Like Oxygen”, “Teenage Rampage”, “Little Willy”, “Fox on the Run” (covered by Ace Frehley) and AC/DC.

 DSC00015  DSC00057

Intermixed with a Richie Onori drum solo and a nice 70’s flashback keyboard solo by the kilted Stevie Stewart, The Sweet have transitioned their sound into a hard rocking tribute to their past.


The band decided to spare everyone the leaving of the stage and chanting of the band name to come back for encores and plowed right into a rockin’ version of The Beatle’s, “I Saw Her Standing There”. The evening was topped off with the words “Are you ready Steve…?” as the Canyon joined in for a huge sing-along of their biggest hit, “Ballroom Blitz” (Covered by everyone and brought back to life in Wayne’s World).DSC00090

A Sweet night at The Canyon for sure.

William Greenberg  Twitter: @SimiWill