RICH REDMOND (country music’s most ROCKING drummer) conducted a masterclass at The Drum Channel during the second day of Thomas Lang’s Big Drum Bonanza 2015.IMG_4737

Not only is Rich a world-renowned drummer and well known for his Jason Aldean gig, but he is also a motivational speaker that uses drumming to get his message across in his much sought after CRASH Course for Success.

IMG_4662Rich’s passion, enthusiasm and energy comes through in everything he does, whether it is speaking, inspiring people or rocking out on a drum set.     As a musician who has paid his dues and put in the hours to get where he’s at, his words provide invaluable information not only for musicianship, but for life in general.

Following his master class and our interview, Rich also participated in a round table discussion with Jim Keltner, Tony Royster, Jr., Don Lombardi and Thomas Lang for The Drum Channel.

Here’s a lesson from Rich at the DC that is useful for rock drumming.

The night before his master class / CRASH COURSE and appearing on the panel, Rich met up with friends, both new and old to jam in Hollywood.

Here is Rich in January during NAMM jamming at the “Bonzo Bash”:  

Here’s is the other interview with Rich just prior to this one (even more great information):