Close to 50 performers took the stage for LUCKY STRIKE JAM NIGHT 24…….  And the show completely rocked.

The evening started off with an excellent acoustic performance from Gabbie Rae with Julia Lage on bass and Sam “Bam” Koltun on guitar.

Set one saw great tunes with “the house band” (Matt Starr, Chuck Wright and Mitch Perry often featuring Steve Ferlazzo),and  including “Hocus Pocus”, followed by Tim Yeung rocking the drums on “Barracuda with Holley Wolfe on vocals.

“The Ocean” with Dusty Bo, Sean McNabb and “Whole Lotta Rosie” with The Okai Sisters and Glen Sobel rocked as well;.

The crowd was treated to the blues with the drumming of Brendan Buckley, soulful singer Joe Retta, and 8 string guitarist Tracey “Spacey T”.

Kenny Kanowski also rocked a few songs in the first set, including The Who’s “Real Me” with the Dirty Rotten Horns.

The second set opened with Tonya Kay and a NIN song.  It was very interesting.

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The highlights of the show were seeing Billy Sheehan and Nuno Bettencourt perform together for the first time in the second set, along with a jam featuring Nuno, Phil and Glen Sobel.

Billy has been making somewhat regular appearances at Jam Night and played most of the second set the second set.

Joe Retta rocked on “”Deep Purple’s “Burn” and “Ballroom Blitz”

Nuno was back at jam night for a second time after jamming with Jonathan Moffett, Marty O’Brien and others at the jam a few weeks back.

Phil X made a return trip (he’s appeared several times) and rocked with Billy and The Drills — Daniel Spree and Randy Cooke.

Nuno performed BURN, BALLROOM BLITZ (with Joe Retta) and HOT FOR TEACHER.

MADAME MAYHEM performed GRINDER and WE ROCK with Billy Sheehan and Courtney Cox.

PHIL X killed on Funk #49, FIRE and the song with Nuno and Glen Sobel doing Radiohead’s “Creep” was one for the ages.

Fortunate Son with Mitch Marine from Dwight Yoakam’s band and members of Stonebreed

One of the most impressive tunes of the evening was Duran Duran’s “RIO” with Jacob Bunton, Ace, Johnny, Matt and Steve Ferlazzo. 

Highway to Hell rocked out at the end of the set to close out the show with Gabbie and Matt, Tszumi, Tiny Biuso and the house band