New LA KISS CEO Joe Windham gave his “State of the Franchise” address (audio from  to season ticket holders upstairs in The Honda Center’s Club Section at The Grand Terrace before the game and was very informative regarding his forthcoming plans for the LA KISS.   In addition to talking about the future of the team and telling the fans they are here to stay, he also discussed improved housing for the team,  and a new focus for fan merchandise and other changes to improve the player and fan experience.  Season ticket holders already receive all sort of perks throughout the season, including a KISS concert.   Windham also announced that season ticket holders can bring two friends for free to the next game against his former team, the Arizona Rattlers this Saturday, June 27.


Out of the field, KYNG delivered a powerful set of rock music during team warm-ups and pre-game events.


The first 4,000 fans received LA KISS rally towels.


The game started in GRAND LA KISS fashion with the player introductions.


Matt Rogers performed the National Anthem and Mark Steines did the coin toss.


The many thousands is attendance were treated to an excellent, competitive game with great entertainment.


WR Donovan Morgan scored  a 42-yard touchdown in the second quarter (he also lead the team with 6 receptions for 107 Yards and 4 Touchdowns.)

QB Danny Southwick completed 18 of 33 passes for 241 YDS/ 6 TDS/ 1 INT.


Before halftime, offensive lineman Anthony Parker scored a 5 yard touchdown to tie the game at 28 each.  

Josh Victorian’s 52-yard interception return for a touchdown was another high point for the LA KISS team.


During the television time outs and halftime, the crowd was treated to LA KISS cheer leading, BMX action, eating contests,  they witnessed two father and son teams each winning 55″ televisions during a relay race, and there was more live music by KYNG.

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The KISS gained the lead in the third quarter with a score of 41-35, but were later outscored and couldn’t force a turnover with their last onside kick attempt to tie the game at the end of the fourth quarter.