PHIL X, PHIL SOUSSAN and BRIAN TICHY, the power trio formerly known as “Avalanche” seems to have changed their name to “THREE”, “III”, or “3” and rocked a memorable show at Las Palmas – a new venue that promises to be a great new hot spot for Rock for upcoming Thursday Nights.

There are two “Phil”‘s for bass, guitar and vocals duties and there’s Brian “Fill” Tichy on drums.   As a full-blown rock jam, it was, without a doubt, truly a “fulPHILLING” set.  There’s always

The trio started with Van Halen’s “Somebody Get Me A Doctor” and tore through a set that included Led Zeppelin classics,  Ozzy classics from several eras (including Phil Soussan singing “Shot In The Dark” – a tune that he penned for Ozzy), some ZZ TOP, Phil X’s trademark version of “Fire” by Jimi Hendrix and one of the main highlights of the evening was a ripping version of “Neon Knights”.

Regardless of their current name/ whatever they choose to refer to themselves as, they sure put on a rocking show for the soft opening of this venue, along with an announcement at the end that a RANDY RHOADS REMEMBERED show will be at this very same venue for the actual grand opening next Thursday, June 18.