Powerhouse vocalist and touring member of Roger Water’s band, Robbie Wyckoff, ended out the first set with a great version of “Comfortably Numb”, including 2 violinists.

Mostly known to the fans of technically proficient late 80s instrumental rock guitar, Alex Masi showcased his impressive guitar chips as he completely shredded along at the jam with Bernie K on vocals. And what a great name for a horn section – The Dirty Rotten Horns.

Another highlight was “I Wish” with Jeff Scott Soto on vocals and included Roy Z on guitar.

Most of the current members of Zappa Plays Zappa (sans Dweezil, but joined by James Santiago on guitar) blew away the crowd with several Frank Zappa tunes.

Carrying over from last week’s Van Halen theme, Glen Sobel, Lance Turner (of the Atomic Punks), Francesco DiCosmo and Steve Ferlazzo opened the third set with “Right Now” from Van Halen.