May 30th, 2015.  Saxon/Armored Saint  House of Blues  Sunset Strip

PHOTOS by Natalia Britt RECAP by William Greenberg

Armored Saint rocked the crowd into an early frenzy and although I’m not as familiar with most of their catalog, they sounded great.  Can They Deliver?  Yes they can…

John Bush is back in the fold for his second album since his stint with Anthrax, and judging by the crowd reaction they received from their new song, “Mess”, they’re going to be in good shape moving forward.

(The new Armored Saint album, ‘Win Hands Down’ , is awesome and is currently streaming on SOUNDCLOUD via Blabbermouth -ed)

John Bush – vocals
Gonzo Sandoval – drums
Joey Vera – bass
Phil Sandoval – guitars
Jeff Duncan – guitars

Armored Saint Setlist House of Blues, West Hollywood, CA, USA 2015



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Even though I’ve been a fan since the early 80’s, the last time I saw Saxon was my first time.  It was two years ago and they were on tour supporting the “Sacrifice” album.   (Yes, I still call them albums).  That set list included a bunch of new songs and the usual staples.  This time the “Warriors of the Road” were here to take us on a journey to the past.

This tour was a “Thank You” to the fans, and except for second song “Sacrifice” and “Solid Ball of Rock” (“One of our comeback albums”), everything else came from the albums that made Saxon one of the NWOBHM legends.

If “Boy Band of the Year” is a thing, Saxon won’t be in the running, but at 64 years old, Biff Byford could teach the youth of today something about longevity.   His voice still sounds amazing, and the band, with original guitarist, Paul Quinn (63) and longtime, returning drummer, Nigel Glockler (62) kick some serious ass.

The Sold-out crowd ate up every song and even though the mosh pit during “Heavy Metal Thunder” didn’t have the strength of a toilet bowl flush, they sang along with every word.

This being the last date of this leg of their tour, the Sunset Strip crowd was graced with 2 extra songs during the bands encore.  Wrapped between “Wheels of Steel” and usual show finale, “Denim and Leather”, we were graced with “a song about the police”, “Strong Arm of the Law” and “2 words that we all should live by”, “Never Surrender”.



Biff Byford
Nibbs Carter
Nigel Glockler
Paul Quinn
Doug Scarratt


Saxon Setlist House of Blues, West Hollywood, CA, USA 2015, Warriors of the Road World Tour