Just a day after releasing their collection of 12 songs, crafted into an effective cover album Ride, the supergroup Motor Sister showcased their talents at the legendary Whisky A Go Go by putting on a true rock’n’roll show.   Motor Sister’s line-up can be easily called “all-star” not only for Scott Ian’s participation, but for the powerful musicianship that this 5-piece actually present.

Comprised of Jim Wilson on vocals, Pearl Aday on vocals, Joey Vera on bass, drummer virtuoso John Tempesta, and Ian on guitar, the band quickly generated some interest when the news about upcoming album surfaced in the media. Last few months were a busy time for the band since they were not only working on the new record, but also filmed a video and prepared for live shows.

The set opener was the catchy and straightforward composition “A” Hole. The video for “A” Hole had premiered a day before the show, and you can see it on official Metal Blade Records YouTube channel.

Followed by no less hooky Beg Borrow Steal, Get That Girl and This Song Reminds Me Of You, Fool Around added quite the sentimental touch the to set. Wilson’s vocals along with Ian’s guitar riffs create an interesting mixture of softer sound, thus demonstrating the band’s ability to step away from the hard, pounding beats to let the crowd mellow out before hitting it again with the Head Hanging Low.

Pearl Aday, a pleasant addition to the band, not only spiced up Wilson’s vocals by impressive backing, but added a much needed zest to the all male ensemble. The rhythm section, with Tempesta on drums and Vera on bass, without doubt a perfect combination on a record, proved to be also a remarkable match on stage.

Closing up the set with the bombing Devil Wind and Rolling Boy Blues, Motor Sister had everyone in the attendance dancing.

Ian told the fans halfway through the show that the project was just something they had initially done for fun, but, apparently, with the album out, and several shows lined up, this venture is becoming more than just a jam session.

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