10991145_10153060076133279_2367894128280443958_n The week 6 jam at Lucky Strike was packed with tons of musicians from MOTORHEAD and ALICE COOPER to the most current drummers of MR. BIG and LED ZEPPELIN.

Highlights of the show:

The jam had Jason Bonham and Andrew Watt doing “The Immigrant Song”, Marq Torien doing vocals on “Rock Candy” Motorhead drummer Mikkey Dee and Evan Seinfeld playing “The Ace Of Spades” and Alice Cooper’s drummer Glen Sobel playing “I’m Eighteen“.

Decked out in a DIO shirt, singing phenom Gabbie Rae threw down the vocals on “Barracuda“. She’s getting tons of great experience and her performances get stronger and stronger each time she goes out and plays.

Guitar ace Rafael Moreira was on hand to jam, as was DUg Pinnick from King’s X (and many others as well – apologies for not naming everyone).

Quite reminiscent of the epic jams that used to be held at LUCY’s 51 (prior to the jam nights that were hosted by Gilby Clarke and Chuck Wright) with Kenny Aronoff and James LoMenzo (who are John Fogerty’s touring rhythm section) rocking out together.

Neil Turbin and the young band BOOST (highly recommended) also rocked out.   One of the strongest performances of the evening was by Joe Retta, who always sounds incredible whenever he shows up in a jam or does a show.

Teddy ‘Zig Zag’ Andreadis, Sean McNabb and Matt Starr rocked out, along with Gilby and Chuck, as did Damon Fox.  The show is dark next week for ROCK AGAINST MS at the WHISKY (next Wednesday night), but will return the following week.

11026685_886988158031214_1574282937_n Lucky Strike Jam Night with ROCK Against MS HOLLYWOOD, CA 2/25/2015