Just a few days before Christmas, rockers from local L.A. band Lit Soul gathered for an intimate show at famous bar Loaded on Hollywood Boulevard.

Describing themselves as poetic hard rock band, Lit Soul demonstrated why they are the kind of band they claim to be by delivering an extremely interesting and heavy, yet melodic performance.

Kicking off the show with the viscous guitar riffs on “Petrified Time” and “Alliance”, Lit Soul immediately set up the mood.

Following songs “Leather Steeds”, a dedication to legendary The Sunset Strip, and “Seven Worlds” lead the show to a pleasant surprise. After unleashing the energetic rock onto the audience, Rob Chevelle, played an acoustic song called home. Composition, mesmerizingly beautiful, and touching, seemed to reach out to every single person in the audience.

Wrapping up the set with the exemplary Lit Soul sound of poetically pleasing rock, the band proved once more that the rock, despite all the claims by other artists, is not dead.


Let’s hope 2015 will be a productive and successful year for guys from Lit Soul, and let’s hope they will bring some more of that fire into the metal scene of L.A.

Check out the new music video from Lit Soul