Legendary Russian band Mumiy Troll played a sold out show at the iconic Troubadour on Sunday night.

After concluding an extensive tour in Asia, Mumiy Troll brought V-ROX, a music festival idea aimed to connect both parts of The Pacific, to a celebrated Los Angeles venue.  The main goal of this event was to showcase different types of music acts and to prove that there are still many artists that are yet to be discovered.

Sunday night, Mumiy Troll shared the stage with several special guests – Chicano Batman, an L.A. band that depicts all the flavor of the Hispanic culture on the West Coast, and eccentric and charismatic artist Benji Hughes, whose works have been featured in a number of notable television shows.

Chicano Batman, who opened up the set, confidently warmed up the crowd before Hughes took the lead shortly after 8 p.m.   Spicing up his performance with frequent interaction with  the audience, jokes, and mind-blowing singing, he made a lasting impression with the fans in attendance.

Hughes put on quite the original performance and definitely laid the groundwork for the show the Russian rockers were about to unleash onto the audience.

While the changes on stage were taking place, excited screams in Russian of “Mumiy Troll” could be heard from the crowd.  The anticipation was growing and once the band members started appearing on stage, the fans increased the chanting and screaming in adoration.  Considering the fact that West Hollywood has one of the biggest Russian-speaking communities in the USA, it was no surprise to hear such a heartfelt welcome.

As the robust guitar riffs and the serene drum sounds of the new song “November filled up the venue, Lagutenko energetically ran down the stairs, approached the microphone and surged into the lyrics of the composition.

Thanking the crowd for coming out in Russian and English, Lagutenko managed to capture the hearts of those who were there for their first Mumiy Troll show and undeniably brought a little bit of home to the ones who were no longer living in Russia.   Playing such iconic hits, as “Utekay”, “Fantastica”, and “Nevesta”, the band took the venue by storm.  Sure, for many older spectators it was a reminder of childhood, youth, and nostalgia mixed with excitement and reverence.  For a younger audience, it was an experience of witnessing something amazingly good, and perhaps, for some, it was a totally new type of music.

As the first sounds of acoustic version of “Dolphins” soared up in the air, and Lagutenko started singing, the crowd hummed along.  Wrapping up the show with the iconic 2002 single “Eto Po Ljubvi”, Mumiy Troll managed to do what many bands performing in English sometimes can’t – play an absolutely moving, emotionally charged show.

Lagutenko and Mumiy Troll proved again that everything they had in mind for V-ROX was a complete success.  Despite being quite an unorthodox show, the guys managed to deliver a fantastic performance which serves as a good reminder that culture and language have nothing to do with being able to enjoy music.

After the last song, Lagutenko announced, a must – do Russian tradition – ”Дискотека”  – with D.J. DZA. A surprise appearance of rapper NON from experimental hip hop group Shadow Huntaz was another demonstration of  how the idea V-ROX  holds can be implemented in the future.

Should Mumiy Troll bring V-ROX showcase to a city near you, it’s a must see performance that brings together people of different cultures by one universal language – music!

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Mumiy Troll are:

Ilya Lagutenko – vocals, guitar, keyboard

Erik Himel – guitar

Oleg Pungin – drums

Sasha Kho (DZA) – synths

For more info, visit Mumiy Troll official website.

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